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Is cardio only, resistance training only or combination of both better for fat loss?

15 Answers | Asked by Ingrid Vadina on Aug 26, 2011

Answered by Nancy Bullard on Sep 20, 2012

I would agree with the above - a balance of both! Remember, no one can out-train a bad diet though. Nutrition is KEY to success!

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Can I drink a protein shake with my meal? or should I wait a few hours after the protein shake?

8 Answers | Asked by Maritza Velasco on Aug 09, 2012

Answered by Nancy Bullard on Sep 20, 2012

I am assuming you are eating a combination of complex carbs (ie. rice/sweet pot.), veggies, and lean protein for your meal. If that is the case, you really should not need additional protein at that time. Save your shake for post strength training recovery - a good whey protein blended with some f...

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How do I set up a fitness website?

18 Answers | Asked by Jody Marshall-Smith on May 30, 2012

Answered by Nancy Bullard on Jun 04, 2012

I used 1&1 to develop my website- I am NOT very "techy" and I was able to put together a decent site- not perfect but a start! My site is if you want to see an example.

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