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What are the top five lessons you've learned as a personal trainer?

36 Answers | Asked by Laura Myers on Jun 15, 2011

Answered by Naimah Cyprian on Feb 04, 2012

5 things I learned as a personal trainer are... (my answers are in no specific order) 1. Look and act the part- remain physically in shape, professional, passionate enthusiastic and positive. 2. Be honest and sincere with every client. 3. Be assessible. There should always be open communication. ...

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Define the difference between Core and Abdominal training?

11 Answers | Asked by Kurt Gillon on Feb 01, 2012

Answered by Naimah Cyprian on Feb 04, 2012

I will break the down the difference before abdominal and core training to it's simplest form. *Abdominal training is executing specific exercises to tone and strengthen the 4 main abdominal muscles. For an example doing a crunch or sit-up. The goal is to develop the famous 6 PACK; ie working th...

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