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Michael Siler

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Questions Answered by Michael

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ace discount code

5 Answers | Asked by Laurel Neil on Apr 02, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Apr 03, 2013

Would you mind clarifying your question? Thanks!

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exercise for calf, after ankle fusion surgery

6 Answers | Asked by bill stark on Apr 01, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Apr 01, 2013

I'd be concerned, too! But I'd also be concerned about the safest, most effective ways of managing my ankle post-surgery. Have you already had the surgery? -If so, did your doctors not recommend physical therapy? -If not, are you able to do any "pre-hab" for your ankle? (AKA exercises/move...

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Type of Liability Coverage Needed

7 Answers | Asked by Andrew Hardy on Apr 01, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Apr 01, 2013

From the way it sounds I'm fairly certain you'll need health club insurance. Especially if you're the one "starting the gym." Michael made a good suggestion about the importance of having those who work for you or rent space from you being insured. Their type of insurance, however, would most lik...

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client readiness for exercise questionnaire

11 Answers | Asked by Ginger DeHaan on Mar 30, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 31, 2013

I feel it's very important to consider the points Joanne brought up - whether or not you find the specific type of form you're looking for. Assuming you don't have a question about the questionnaire itself, perhaps one of the following links will have the information you're looking for: http:...

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how do we sign up for class

5 Answers | Asked by Madeline Glover on Mar 30, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 30, 2013

It varies based on whether it's online or in person. However, typically there's some sort of registration process available for you online. If you can clarify what type of class you're specifically interested in I'd be happy to provide you with more information. Thanks!

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What are the backboards that some ballet barres mount to? Are they regular planks of wood or something special?

4 Answers | Asked by Maryam Diaab on Mar 29, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 29, 2013

Glad to see you're putting the safety of your participants first! I would think that a strong, regular plank of wood would work great. Just to be sure, have you considered calling a local contractor and getting their expert opinion? Also, are you unable to mount the brackets to any of the studs ...

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State boundaries to discuss nutrition with clients

9 Answers | Asked by Lisa Giglio on Mar 26, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 28, 2013

I like Harris's suggestion of partnering with someone local who's a registered dietitian. I feel that the clients who need this service will appreciate that you're connected to a local expert who can help them to the fullest extent. Also, as an added bonus, I'm confident the RD will cross-promot...

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Seeking ACSM Clinical Exercise Physiologist?????

3 Answers | Asked by Louie Arias on Mar 28, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 28, 2013

Great video on "Trauma Explained." I felt it was very user-friendly which will help spread your message to an audience bigger than just the professional health and wellness industry. Also, I liked how you connected the dots between trauma, helplessness, and survival within the first few minutes to h...

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Seeking Director of Athletics in Houston, TX at The Downtown Club.

2 Answers | Asked by Kristin Harrison on Mar 28, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 28, 2013

Thank you for the information. I'll pass this along to a couple of people in Houston who might be interested.

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What is this cheapest and best route to go about getting insurance.

8 Answers | Asked by chad rush on Mar 27, 2013

Answered by Michael Siler on Mar 27, 2013

Currently I have liability insurance though Philadelphia Insurance Companies (an affiliate of IDEA). You can find out more about them through either of the links provided by James or Michael. In the past I've been insured through K&K Insurance but the price was nearly identical to the quote I got...

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