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Michelle Pallozzi

Pocono Lake, PA 18347

Questions Answered by Michelle

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I have 8 TRX suspension trainers and 16 participants

6 Answers | Asked by Linda Steffey on Feb 21, 2017

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Feb 21, 2017

Hi Linda... Just like Christine said, we have often done a TRX Fusion class when we have more attendees than TRX stations where we would have half the class on TRX while the other half were doing another format. We found additional core work seemed to be the best option for our group. Good luck a...

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What is a good alternative to Mindbody?

5 Answers | Asked by Aaron Cobb ACE-CPT on Feb 15, 2017

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Feb 18, 2017

Definitely looking forward to see what people have to say about this one. MB is a great service with nice features, but too expensive for a start-up business...

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Does anyone have information on where to buy equipment for a decent price?

5 Answers | Asked by Hilary Arentz on Jan 30, 2017

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Jan 31, 2017

I equipped my studio a few years ago from Lots of options, reasonable prices and great customer service...

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Can I hire a personal trainer that is certified even if Im not?

9 Answers | Asked by Evie Figueroa on Oct 21, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Oct 22, 2016

You most certainly can. Just be sure you have liability insurance for the studio and the instructor(s) you hire are insured as well. If you "hire" them, you can provide the insurance, if you bring them in as a subcontractor, you can require them to provide their own insurance (what we do with outs...

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How can I get more people to see my video?

3 Answers | Asked by Mary Farrugia on Oct 10, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Oct 10, 2016

Email your friends and family with a link...Share a link on all of your social media channels...Ask your clients/class participants to vote...Cry, beg and plead with everyone you know to vote and share it...

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building a training room inside my gym

8 Answers | Asked by Kalyn Klaess on Sep 21, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Sep 22, 2016

Like the previous two answers, there are way too many variables involved, from the flooring to equipment to sound system to mirrors...You can spend as little as $500 up to $25k depending on what you want/need in there.

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10 Answers | Asked by Jenn Barris on Jun 22, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Jun 23, 2016

I do not believe in Advocare, Herbalife and the such. Sorry...

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Do you have a target for attendance in your group fitness classes?

5 Answers | Asked by Meg Mayer on Jun 20, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Jun 21, 2016

As a studio owner, knowing your costs/overhead are important in setting this goal. Based on complete income/expenses, we find our breakeven point then go from there. If 7 attendees are our breakeven point and we are hitting this with a new class, we give it some time to take off. After 4-6 weeks ...

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Personal Training and Massage

5 Answers | Asked by Eric Waldron Jr on May 01, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on May 01, 2016

Google can be your best friend. While most of us on here are willing to help with answers, both of your questions (actually the same question posed two different ways) could have been answered with Google.

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To those of you that offer classes in your own studios, do you offer the option of reserving/paying for a class on your website?

8 Answers | Asked by Nancy King on Mar 20, 2016

Answered by Michelle Pallozzi on Mar 20, 2016

I offer the option to do so through my website and Facebook events via Eventbrite. Again, it's only an option, not a requirement. I only enforce pre-pay registration for special events when I know I have to limit the number of attendees.

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