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I grew up with a passion for fitness and realized my greatest satisfaction was in helping others achieve their health and fitness goals. I love motivating clients to believe in themselves and help empower them to live a healthy life. I decided to start my own personal training business to better... more less
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5-6 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
PN - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
Spinning - Certified Spinning Instructor (STAR 1)
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
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American Heart Association

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Fitness Vitality Mobile Personal Training - Owner/Manager
Within 25 miles of 94404 (Mobile Training Radius)

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MVP 2010 Lifetime Fitness
Ironman 2010
Organized Spinning Fundraiser for Cancer 2013
Ironman 2014
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English, German
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13 reviews
S Jones
On Apr 30, 2014
"Aww Yeah!" - Michelle has helped me tremendously in so many ways! After battling Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma (IV), I was looking for a way to get my endurance, and strength back. Michelle was a Godsend! - My last chemo treatment was on December 26th, 2013 and we both were so excited that by the end of February I was able to run up and down my stairs with ease - a feat that was not possible at the end of 2013. She offered a very progressive, intuitive and effective plan to help me reach my short term goals. She considered not only the physical, but my nutritional and positive mental attitude. What a phenomenal trainer and really great person. I HIGHLY recommend, Michelle for anyone recovering from something, training for something or if you just have some goals you would like to attain - She is top-notch. Just love her!!!
Ashley Betanzos
On Oct 05, 2013
My name is Ashley and I want to share my experience of working with Michelle. I started my Ironman journey as an established runner, avid cyclist and beginning swimmer. I was nervous, doubtful and leery about starting this epic journey, where I would have to not only learn to swim an Iron Distance of 2.4 miles, but to do this as part of a full distance triathlon in open water with 2500 of “my closest friends”. I spoke to my husband about the possibility of working with a coach to see if he had any ideas and he said that he had met someone who was training people at one of the local gym facilities and he thought that we had some things in common and would likely have good chemistry. He was right, from our first conversation, Michelle truly put me at ease, confirming that I was not crazy and this goal was not too lofty to achieve in the short time that I had to prepare. We trained together for several months, and all during this time Michelle providing the most positive attitude and offered constant support through tough times and injuries, she never wavered and was always there to instill confidence and assure me that I was on track and making substantial progress towards my ultimate goal.
There are many advantages to working with Michelle, as she is well-versed in multiple disciplines and methods of fitness training, but her positivity is a magnet of support and you will never catch her without a smile on her face and this to me is contagious. At times, training for difficult events can be tough or fighting through an injury can be deflating, but when you have a continuous positive force it changes your whole perspective. I got way more than just a coach, I made a true friend. Even after I had finished working with Michelle, she kept in touch with me monitoring my progress and even called me before and after my big event to check in, pump me up and congratulate me on a successful event which would not have happened if not for her assistance, guidance and friendship. Early on I had projected to have a 2 hour swim leg in my Ironman debut, but with her training and direction, I swam a 1:34 and my event was a huge success and my confidence has now reached new levels.
Michelle is a very special person with an innate ability to help other's achieve their goals. The thing that separates her from other qualified coaches is that her drive is passion-based; she truly loves what she does and lives to help others.
Suzanne Means
On May 14, 2013
My name is Susie or "Powerhouse" according to Michelle. What a compliment for a 52 year old with a bad back! I injured my back 7 years ago, two herniated discs with nerve damage, needless to say I was not moving very well. Through the years I tried physical therapy, many injections and spinals all along determined to beat surgery and pain medications. Finally I decided to try a personal trainer...Michelle, an answered prayer!! She taught me how to build my core while strengthening my whole body and also STRETCHING. What a huge difference it has made in the quality of my life. We became friends sharing recipes and lots of good tips!! I will always treasure our time together and will stay in touch. She really walks the walk!! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get in shape. She is "True Blue", dependable and genuinely cares about you as a person. What are you waiting for....call her NOW!!
Kris Rezach
On May 07, 2013
After having major ankle surgery and being completely non-weight bearing for months, I struggled to regain the endurance and strength to return to the life I had before. Physical Therapy only did so much and my frustration level was very high. I contacted various personal trainers to assist me in regaining my life and most of them responded with a simple “call to make an appointment”. Only Michelle contacted me to get a total understanding of my situation, limitations, and expectations to determine not only how she could help me, but if she was the right trainer for me. It was clear that this was not just a job or a way to make money to Michelle, it was her passion. Michelle immediately came up with a program that not only targeted the endurance and strength issues I knew I had, but also the balance, stability, and the over-compensation issues I didn’t know I had. She brought things to my attention that I never would have realized regarding my body’s strength imbalance, my gait, the way I protected my weak areas, etc., and immediately knew how to address each one. Her ability to be flexible and adjust routines due to my physical limitations, space limitations of my house, and the obstacles of my pets impressed me. Michelle arrived at every session with a custom plan and lots of encouragement with a smile on her face. Each session was filled with different exercises and routines that created challenge, sweat, and lots of patience on her end. Even those sessions I felt were “too easy” or “too fun” proved they hit the mark the next day. Michelle is seriously a professional trainer with a heart of gold.
Dena Elimam
On Jan 16, 2013
Michelle is a truly excellent trainer. She is skilled, thoughtful, and a pleasure to work out with and talk to. She is tough yet flexible and works with whole person (physically, mentally, emotionally). In just a few short months, I am now more flexible, have more strength, energy and better balance. Most importantly, working out has become more enjoyable and an integrated part of my daily routine. I recommend her without reservation.

Dena Elimam
Daniel Kosich
On Dec 04, 2012
Anyone who has been in the fitness business as long as Michelle is certaintly qualified to be your trainer. It's her commitment to helping you achieve your fitness goals that sets her above others who call themselves personal trainers.

Take care, Danny
Christina Kassab
On Oct 26, 2012
My name is Tina but Michelle always calls me "the fighter". She knew I had a lot more to give every time I wanted to give up - because I was a "fighter". Before training with Michelle for 4 months, I had tried every (i mean EVERY) diet plan, workout class and gym. My weight and overall health fluctuated up and down since high school. But with my wedding approaching and the start of a new life with my husband, I wanted to make a permanent, lifestyle change, instead of another quick fix. That's where Michelle came in. When I first met with her, I was shy and intimidated. But by the end of that session, I felt completely confident that I could and I would be able to be the healthy person I wanted to be.

Michelle is thoughtful in the training plan she develops for each of her clients. She pushed me to places I didn't think i could go but not so far that I never wanted to go there again. It was more of a confidence boost and made me want to try even harder to stick to a workout and nutrition plan even when she wasn't around.

With each session I felt myself getting stronger and my endurance increase. Michelle encouraged me every day - even the days I didn't see her. That's what's special about Michelle, she truly wants you to succeed and takes her role very seriously. It's clearly not just a job to her. I was sad to see our training come to an end as it's one of the best investments I have ever made. It's an investment that appreciates over time - I am still losing weight and maintaining this "new" healthy lifestyle on my own. I am even running a half marathon in a few months!

Michelle and I remain in contact and I appreciate her ongoing support. I strongly recommend her as a trainer. She's just an overall wonderful person.
Amanda Brand
On Feb 26, 2012
"Future Sunshiner’s!

My name is Amanda, but Michelle calls me “Sunshine,” because I am always smiling during our workouts! Why am I smiling? Well, Michelle has been a true blessing to me. When I first started training with Michelle, I had terrible anxiety, which made me very self-conscious and shy. I also knew I had a long way to go to reach my goal of entering the Airforce as an E3 Airmen. With these obstacles and ambitions in mind, I was welcomed with open arms in to a rigorous, yet enjoyable training program, custom-designed to fit my needs. When I was training with Michelle, I knew I was in good hands. I cannot tell you how many people would come up to us during my sessions, just to say how great a trainer Michelle was, “The best there is,” they would say. In terms of physical achievements, I started out doing push-ups on my knees, now I do 80 male push-ups a session! I have seen an overall improvement in every area of my fitness, as well as my lifestyle. That is why I would recommend Michelle as your personal trainer, because she is constantly engaged, rooting you on, and helping you keep your eyes on the prize. She made me want to give 110% every time, no matter how hard the workout was. My saying is, “Sound Mind, Strong Body, Confident Soul.” Michelle encompasses all these qualities, and she will bring out the very best in you. Overall lifestyle transformation can be found, when you train with the incredible “Iron Butterfly,” a.k.a Michelle. "
javad deganian
On Feb 10, 2012
michelle is a very competent and well knowledged trainer who really cares about me and my wife . she is very positive and does not accept no for an answer. she is also a good friend and cares about our health. she can be of help to any body at any level of physical condition. as a customer and a medical doctor i highly recommend her without hesitation javad deganian m.d.
robin moses
On Feb 06, 2012
"My name is Robin. After my knee surgery, I struggled to resume life as normal. In addition to Physical Therapy recommended by my doctor, I saw Michelle King to assist me in my rehab. When my doctor appointed physical therapy was over - I was faced with weight gain, reduced flexibility, and a loss of core muscle strength from being laid up for so long. Michelle quickly developed a program to meet my particular needs -- each day was different, never a dull moment! When I still had pain using the treadmill and elliptical rider - Michelle came up with some alternatives for me in the way of cycling and swimming. When my swim strokes needed a 'tune up', Michelle videotaped me and gave me some good pointers so I could quickly become more proficient. Coupled with cardio and core workouts - Michelle emphasized stretching. Not only did the stretching losing tight muscles, but eased my stress I encounter every day as a senior executive in my business. Michelle was always well prepared for our appointments - and she used every moment of time we had together working on my goals. It was only through the advice and guidance of Michelle, I met the challenges of overcoming knee surgery - but in living a healthier, longer life!!
Michelle is an inspiration - and really 'walks the talk' for living a healthier life! Michelle is always training for the next Iron Man competition and this is just one testament to her dedication and hard work. She helped motivate me, even on the days when I didn't think I could do one more thing.
Now that I moved away from the area, it has been a challenge to find another trainer like Michelle King. Her positive energy kept each of our workouts interesting and challenging - never a dull moment! Her encouragement helped motivate me to the next level of fitness, and I could not have obtained it without her!
Taylor Perugino
On Feb 05, 2012
I have never met a more professional personal trainer than Michelle. She is head and shoulders above most fitness professionals in both her knowledge and her interpersonal skills. She manages to be both positive and firm; creating a great schedule that works best for the specific client's needs. I have an injury and pre-existing conditions that make exercise sometimes difficult. She targeted specific areas and types of exercise that really worked for me. I haven't met another trainer as experiences and truly knowledgeable as her. She is top of the league!
Taylor Perugino
Cindy Craft
On Feb 05, 2012
Michelle is a highly qualified personal trainer. I was at level "0" in fitness activity when I started with Michelle and she brought me out of my fitness cocoon into a full fledged- butterfly! She taught me not only how to exercise but the proper way to do each move. She is always positive and truely cares about my well-being. She always mixes the workouts up to keep exercise interesting but intentional! She incorporates your whole body and mind into her routines.She's wonderful to work with! I accomplished so much both physically and mentally with Michelle!
Rachel Dennis
On Feb 05, 2012
Michelle is a fantastic person and trainer. She pushes you when you need it, and is by your side every step of the way. She is very positive and wants you to achieve your goals. I had the best time working with her.

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