Melissa Scott

Lakeside, CA 92040-2228

About Me

I have been teaching outside the classroom for over 15 years as an environmental educator, park ranger, wild land firefighter, and now as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. A busy wife and mom of two young boys, I consider myself a late blooming athlete after being raised in a sedenta... more less
Bachelor's Degree Natural Resource Plannig and Interpretation, Humboldt State University
Years Experience
9-10 years
ACE - Advanced Health + Fitness Specialist
ACE - Personal Trainer
Total Gym - GRAVITY Group
Total Gym - GRAVITY Personal Training
American Safety and Health Institute
Save-a-life educators
American Safety and Health Institute
Save-a-life educators
Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance

Additional Information

$40.00 / hr
$5 off each Personal Training session for AARP members, military/LEO/FS, and fixed income. 30 minute sessions also available.
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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Client Reviews/Comments

3 reviews
Robin Weiss
On Apr 01, 2012
I thoroughly enjoy having Melissa as my personal trainer. She incorporates a wide variety of different training methods, so I am never bored. Melissa has a "sixth sense" and can read my mood in about 30 seconds and instantly adjusts her training to take advantage of what I am going through at that moment. She also is a great group leader and is able to simultaneously offer various levels of specific excerises for everyone in the group.
On Mar 24, 2012
Melissa is a wonderful trainer. She keeps me motivated, varies the exercise so that I don't get bored, and makes me do more than I would without her encouragement (but not so much that I end up flat-on-the-floor tired).
I have been off my feet for a while due to an injury, but I am looking forward to working out with her again.
Suzanne Chambers
On Mar 24, 2012
Melissa is a WONDERFUL trainer and a pleasure to workout with. I am thrilled at what "we" have accomplished both with strength training and weight loss. Her knowledge is amazing and I love the variety in my workouts. She keeps me motivated all week long too to stay with my program.

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