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Based in Garner, North Carolina, I have been working in the health and fitness industry since 1998 and writing related articles since 2007. I am a Health and Fitness Expert and Health Writer for Livestrong.com and various health related websites. I have a passion for learning and reading everything ... more less
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Years Experience
11-15 years
NESTA - Online Personal Trainer (OPT)
FiTOUR® - Master Personal Trainer
Pending Verification
FiTOUR® - FiTOUR® Group Exercise Certification
Pending Verification
FiTOUR® - FiTOUR® Primary Personal Training Certification
Pending Verification
FiTOUR® - Weight Training for Women Certification
Pending Verification
Reebok - Kickboxing/Martial Arts for Exercise
Pending Verification
International Fitness Trainers Association - Boot Camp Coach
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association

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Female Fit Camp - Owner
Within 10 miles of 27529 (Mobile Training Radius)
Female Fit Camp - Owner/Manager
Heather Hills Clubhouse 901 Claymore Drive, Garner, NC 27529

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$60=personal training rate - $150/MONTH=Female Fit Camp rate - $200/Month="Fit Camp on the Road"$65/Month="Fit Camp to go!"rate
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
Master Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach
Group Fitness Specialist
Pre/Post Natal Instructor
Teen/Kids Fitness Trainer
Kickboxing Instructor
Boot Camp Coach
Nutrition Consultant/Meal Planner
Phase II Fitness Personal Trainer of the Year/2003 & 2004
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Client Reviews/Comments

13 reviews
Rachel Hitch
On Oct 20, 2011
Working with Melanie has changed my life. Having lost significant amounts of weight at several different times in my life, and having spent an inordinate amount of time reading about weight loss and fitness, I thought I knew what I needed to do but I was just not doing it. I was wrong. Melanie made a believer out of me. She had me tracking elements of my diet that I had never before worried about, and I lost 35 pounds in less than six months. She developed workouts that had me excited to get out of bed and go to Fit Camp - AT 5:30 A.M. Aside from losing the weight, I have muscle tone where I didn't even know I had muscles! She is motivational, not by being a cheese ball, but by being passionate about health and fitness. Most importantly, she is passionate about her students' health and fitness. If you're facing a hurdle on your journey to a healthy body, call Melanie. She will identify the hurdle (if you don't already know what it is), she will educate you on how to dismantle it, and she will cheer you on until you get to the other side. I promise, you will not be disappointed with Melanie or her class.
On Sep 09, 2011
I loved working with Melanie. She is really kind and motivating. She works hard to keep you on your goals, but you also need to be proactive at home to reach them. She has a rewards program, and she makes smoothies for ya.
Leigh Pair
On Sep 09, 2011
If you want to have more energy and get a great workout Melanie's Female fitcamp is the way to go! Attending the fitcamp is definitely a great motivator if you find yourself struggling with your weight or need to improve your health. It is great to have her to be accountable to and the women in the classes are great! I never really enjoyed workouts before but now I get up and go because every workout is different so you never know what to expect!! Slowly but surely the inches disappear and the weight comes off the right way. I would definitely recommend Femaile Fit Camp if you are really ready for a great change!
Barbara Hartsfield
On Aug 10, 2011
I have been working out with Melanie's Female Fit Camp for 2 years this fall I think and definitely feel the best I have for years and years. Its obvious when I do other activities like hiking, biking (sort of big time trips), playing tennis, etc., that my fitness level is at a higher level than I have been at for 10 or 15 years, because I am able to do everything well and enjoy it. My friends marvel that I have kept up with the early mornings, but I love it and it doesn't conflict with anything in my day!! Barb Hartsfield
Carolyn Freeman
On Aug 05, 2011
I joined Melanie's Fit Camp this past Spring. It was a wonderful experience working out with the ladies; everyone was very nice and encouraged each other. The class was just what I needed for my health physically and mentally. Melanie is an awesome lady; she goes out of her way to help everyone acheive their goals. I have been away from class for a little while but, I am looking forward to reuniting with the class soon. Thanks again Melanie for all your help.

Carol Freeman
Dawn Jernigan
On Aug 05, 2011
Tired of being overweight and out of shape? Ready to change your life? Stop sitting on your butt whining about it, and DO SOMETHING ...sign up for Fit Camp with Melanie Tucker and make her your new best friend!

I was overweight and out of shape several years ago - and tired of it. I was looking for someone to help me achieve my weight loss goals in common sense fashion, and found Melanie Tucker and Fit Camp. Wow- it was not a quick “easy” weight loss, it was a total change of lifestyle. Melanie taught me about fitness and nutrition (not just calories or fat), she gave me positive encouragement and honest feedback that helped me change the way I cooked and lived. She taught me that healthy is a lifestyle. With her help I lost weight, changed my body and renewed my inner-self.

We moved away a couple years ago and I have gotten slack - it shows both physically and psychologically. I wish I lived close enough to come back to Fit Camp- since I don’t, I will have to do this on my own. It will be hard, but thanks to Melanie I KNOW what changes I need to do in order to get back to a healthy lifestyle. And - if I need encouragement or advice, I know I can email Mel and she will be there for me.

I very highly recommend Melanie Tucker as a fitness instructor. Melanie will help you figure out a realistic goal, and through education, encouragement and common sense Melanie will help you lose weight and body fat, tone your body and renew your sense of healthiness and well-being.

Do yourself a favor - sign up for Fit Camp, give it your full, best effort and at the end of your first session you will be hooked on the new you in the mirror and the new lifestyle.

Be thankful you live close enough to go to Fit Camp with Melanie Tucker! I miss you, Mel.... you are one of a kind and a true gift. Thanks for all you do and for being you!

Ladies- do something about it, sign up for Fit Camp and make a new you, YOU CAN DO IT!

Dawn Jernigan
Sarah Harding
On Mar 11, 2011
I joined Melanie's Female Fit Camp in January of 2009 and I can't imagine a day when I will ever decide that I have had my fill of it. No wellness program that I have ever joined has even come close to Melanie's. Her knowledge of the relationship between movement and the body is amazing. She creates intense, complete, effective workouts that are fun, challenging, and leave you feeling like you have done something wonderful for yourself. Even though the Fit Camp is a group class, she makes each person feel like she is theri personal trainer. She works one on one with us as much as we need her too. Her ability to inspire is truly a gift and she uses it both in and out of fit camp. I am feeling better physically and emotionally than I have in years and I owe so much of it to Melanie.
Katy Parker
On Feb 14, 2011
I am not someone who likes to exercise. However, I have been attending Melanie's fit camp for almost two years, including for 6 months of my pregnancy last year. Melanie is great at motivating us to improve ourselves. I love the class and simply would not otherwise get up to exercise at 6:15 a.m. - or at any other time of the day. This class is one of the best things I've ever done for myself.
jessica lloyd
On Feb 07, 2011
I came to Fit Camp after having my first baby and fell in love! This was the first time I had stuck with a fitness program. After just a few months in the program I started running with Melanie and have been running ever since. I used to only be able to run one minute at a time. After training with Melanie I could run almost a full 5k without stopping after just a few months! She showed me that I can do ANYTHING as long as I set my mind to it and persistence pays off! It is so nice to have someone on your side and encouraging you every step of the way!
Jan Brickley
On Feb 05, 2011
I have been attending Melanie's Fit Camp for almost 2 years. Beginning with the first day I attended Fit Camp, Melanie has been an encourager and motivator. Melanie is always there for you. I am so glad I decided to attend Melanie's Fit Camp - a great decision for me!

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