Mehran Shahkar

I began practicing Uechi-ryu Karate in 1971, and received my first degree black belt in 1976. Presently I hold 7th degree and a master instructor certificate from the Okinawa Karate Association. I started practicing qi gong in addition to karate in 1995, and I currently teach Iron Body Qi Gong which complements the Uechi-ryu practice immensely. I am also the president of the Okikukai West, a group of Uechi-ryu schools located all over the western United States and Canada.

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  • Bachelor's Degree, American Studies, Castleton State College
  • Teaching credential, Uechi Ryu Karate, Okinawa Karate Association

Certifications / Trainings

AFAA - Primary Group Exercise Certification
ISSA - Senior Fitness Certification
ISSA - Youth Fitness Certification
ISSA - Strength and Conditioning Certification
ISSA - Personal Trainer Certification
ISSA - Fitness / Exercise Therapist Certification
ISSA - Fitness Nutrition Certification
Okinawa Karate Association - 7th Dan Master instructor
Agency Unavailable

CPR Certified

Expires: Dec 31, 1969
National Safety Coucil
Expires: Dec 31, 1969

AED Certified

Expires: Dec 31, 1969
National Safety Coucil
Expires: Dec 31, 1969

Liability Insurance

  • karateinsurance

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$0.00 / hr, Adults $70/month, Students & Children $60/month

Payment Methods

Cash, Personal Checks

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Awards & Accomplishments

  • President of Okikukai west Karate association

Languages Spoken

English, French, Japanese, Persian



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5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Paul St. Amour on Jul 01, 2011

    I love studying with Master Instructor Mehran Shahkar. Mehran has a beautiful style and flow in the Uechi Ryu system that he teaches. Uechi Ryu is a traditional system from Okinawa that he makes practical and brings to light for the student. He has a profound understanding of application and body balance as it applies to the Uechi system. That said, I would follow him and study with him in whatever style or capacity that he decided to teach in because of his understanding of movement and health in the body through martial arts. Mehran is warm and always in good humor which allows me to relax during the class and to settle in and focus on the practice at hand, which is always evolving through his innovative approach. If you have the opportunity to study with Mehran, do it! He is a rare find and i am grateful to be studying with him.

  • by Shawn MArtin on Jun 30, 2011

    Mehran is a great teacher. He has been my favorite martial arts instructor I have ever had and continues to refine and advance his and our studies in mind and body. He loves kids and has a great demeanor and patience with them. A gem of a martial artist that is rarely found as a teacher. He teaches a traditional style in a very practical manor.

  • by Phillip Rivera on Jun 30, 2011

    As a parent and former Sensei for a number of years in a different style, I have seen my son grow and mature as a student with Sensei Mehran for many years. I believe Sensei Mehran to be a patient and caring and professional Sensei at all levels of skill and age groups. Finding Uechi-Ryu and specifically with Sensei Mehran has been and continues to be extremely valuable to both myself and my son, Niko. Many Dojo's and Dojang's where I have learned and practiced martial arts over 30+ years have given me the exposure to excellent instructors at many levels and styles of teaching, delegation and encouragement. Sensei Mehran brings all of his experiences similar to those I've been drawn to by focusing on technique, conditioning and constant and consistent perfection on the very foundation of Uechi-Ryu. In my opinion, my son Niko is a driven and dedicated student because of Sensei Mehran's dedication to each student. I can see Niko's discipline grow which reflects greatly as a college student and recently a graduate of EMT school over this summer. I would highly recommend Sensei Mehran's Dojo to anyone.

  • by Neil Bednar on Jun 30, 2011

    I've trained with Mehran Sensei for a couple years now after coming back to karate from the east coast many years ago. Not only is he one of the best Uechi-Ryu practitioners and teachers, but he is also one of the most down-to-earth guys you'll ever meet. You will learn that karate is much, much more than some Asian fighting method. There is a lot about health , strength (both physcial and mental), and longevity to be learned and Mehran embodies those principles.

  • by Michael Kirschmann on Jun 29, 2011

    I have studied under a few different martial arts instructors, and have been a student of Master Shahkar for the past year and a half. He is an excellent instructor. His classes are enjoyable, and I have received top notch training as his student. He is a relaxed, good natured person, yet serious and focused at the same time, and the atmosphere in his dojo and the manner of his students reflect that. He is very good at communicating the reasons behind and real-life applications of everything we do in class, something I really appreciate.

    If you have a chance to study with Mehran Shahkar, do yourself a favor, and do it.

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