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I have a professional dance background and am full of fitness energy and encouragement. My clients are challenged with a smile and gain confidence knowing that they can complete what is asked of them. I am blessed to teach fitness and help clients understand the importance of proper movement and for... more less
BS Dance Education, Southwest Texas State University
BS Health & Wellness Promotion, Southwest Texas State University
Years Experience
9-10 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
TRX - TRX Group Suspension Training Course
American Heart Association
American Heart Association

Megan's Locations

HotSpot Health - Owner/Manager
Within 5 miles of 90291 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

$115.00 / hr
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
2011 NFL Houston Texans Pro-Bowl Cheerleader; 2009 -2010 HTC Rookie of the Year; 2010-2011 HTC MVP Award
2007-2008 NBA Houston Rockets Power Dancer; 2001-2002 NBA San Antonio Spurs Silver Dancer
2003-2007 AFL Austin Wranglers Dancer/Cheerleader and 2004-2005 Lady Wranglers Coach
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

11 reviews
Michelle Cazares
On Jul 16, 2013
Megan is the best trainer and work out motivator out there!! I love her healthy eating and exercise tips that she emails out and serves as such a motivator to get me into the gym. She works with you and pushes you to always lives life and try to feel better every day about yourself. I just wished she lives closer so I could be trained by her!!! Nonetheless she is AWESOME!!!!!!!
Angela Plafcan
On Apr 24, 2013
Megan is simply incredible. She's upbeat and motivating no matter what time of day. I have so enjoyed taking classes with her at Dynamic You. I appreciate trainers who can do the classes they teach, demonstrate proper form, and give instruction on different levels when they have beginner through advanced people in their class. Megan keeps it fun and real throughout the session. I never miss her class.
Katrina Mazzucca
On Mar 27, 2013
Megan is truly one of the best trainers I've had the opportunity to train with! She kept me positive and motivated! GO MEGAN!
Katrina Mazzucca
On Mar 27, 2013
Megan is the best trainer I have had the opportunity to train with! She kept me motivated and positive! She definitely an inspiration! GO MEGAN!!
Catherine L.
On Mar 27, 2013
Megan is the real best. I am not someone who loves working out, but I truly look forward to going to Megan's class every week. She creates the perfect balance of making everyone feel comfortable- whatever their level of fitness- and also encouraging everyone to push themselves to get a great workout. Megan kicks your ass with a (contagious) smile and makes you excited to come back and do it all again.
Nicole Needham
On Mar 26, 2013
Megan's positive attitude and excitement for fitness keeps me motivated! I love getting all of her healthy eating/excercise tips through email :)
Diana M
On Mar 26, 2013
Megan is a fantastic TRX instructor. Her work outs are challenging. Every time she has a different routine -- so it never gets old. She is motivating and pushes you to do your best. Even in a class of 12, Megan takes time to focus on each person and provide excellent instruction, so your TRX form is always improving. There is no better feeling than the exhaustion/high you feel after taking one of Megan's classes.
Colleen C
On Mar 26, 2013
I've taken Megan's TRX/Kettlebell Dynamic Core class and it's fantastic. Megan makes sure that everyone in the class (no matter how many people attend) knows how to perform each exercise and how to do so correctly. She takes her time to explain each exercise and does so clearly. She also is extremely motivational. She makes sure everyone is working to their potential in the class. There is no slacking off in her class but she makes it fun! Her classes are challenging but rewarding. Her Wednesday evening class is so popular that there is a waitlist for the class every nearly every week.
Marty R.
On Mar 26, 2013
Megan is an excellent workout coach. I've been training martial arts since I was a kid so I've worked with some great instructors in the past. She's definitely one of the best I've ever come across for cardio training and core workouts. Always enthusiastic and keeps the classes fun. More than anything, her greatest skill is her form and technique. She's more attentive than just about anyone at making sure everyone in the class maintains good form and avoids injury
Kristin Pitts
On Mar 26, 2013
Megan is awesome! She acts like my very own personal cheerleader motivating me to work harder, even when I just want to give up. Her knowledge and expertise in cardiovascular workouts, muscle tone, and healthy eating is such a great resource to have at your fingertips. She makes me WANT to work out and eat well!

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