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What is your favorite core exercise?

31 Answers | Asked by Monica Foster on Nov 01, 2011

Answered by Maurice Johnson on Nov 02, 2011

I too have added the TRX into my training routines opening up more variations of core exercises. My new personal favorite is the pike on the TRX with my hands on the BOSU flat side up. Doing pikes on the TRX is difficult by itself but when you add an unstable surface to your hands as well as your fe...

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How do you fire a client?

25 Answers | Asked by Jocelyn Martin on Sep 30, 2011

Answered by Maurice Johnson on Oct 08, 2011

I feel that one of the hardest things to do is to let go of a client. However as other people have mentioned and from what I've experienced you as a trainer have to think of yourself and the other clients that you have within your base who are trying to get the most out of what you are giving them. ...

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Is training to failure a safe and effective method for improving athletic performance?

16 Answers | Asked by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali on Aug 08, 2011

Answered by Maurice Johnson on Oct 04, 2011

I think failure training is just as useful as anything else just as long as it fits the clients needs and goals. As we all know every person is different and the training responses vary from person to person. However as fitness professionals we should be educated on how to apply this method and when...

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