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A company developed by professional strength coach and dedicated personal trainer Matthew J. Miller CSCS, Miller Sports Training & Fitness believes that through hard work, proper planning, and passionate motivation we can make anyone's fitness goals become a reality. With over 8 years in the fitnes... more less
BA Exercise and Sports Science, University of North Carolina
Years Experience
9-10 years
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
USA-W - Sports Performance Coach
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Miller Sports Training & Fitness - Owner/Manager
Within 10 miles of 33139 (Mobile Training Radius)
www.millerfit.com | 919-225-7811

Additional Information

$80.00 / hr
price is dependent on # of sessions purchased
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Interned with University of North Carolina Men's Basketball team in 2005
USA-W Club Coach Certified
USA-W Sports Performance Coach Certified
AASDN Nutritional Specialist
Interned with University of North Carolina Men's Basketball team in 2005
USA-W Club Coach Certified
USA-W Sports Performance Coach Certified
AASDN Nutritional Specialist
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Client Reviews/Comments

6 reviews
Olivia Thompson
On Oct 06, 2011
Matt has trained me for almost two years. When we started together my needs were special in that I had osteoarthritis in both hips but still wanted to work out safely and effectively.
The program he tailored for me both before and after each total hip replacement resulted in maximizing my strength and flexibility which was invaluable to my recovery and now to my lifestyle.
He is is the best trainer I have had and I have had at least two great ones. We continue to work on a regular schedule 3x per week. He challenges with his easy but firm manner. I like it that he knows how far he can push. He gives me confidence and as a result I try harder and have better results.
Matt is a professional not just a trainer.

Trae Williamson
On Oct 05, 2011
Matt is an exceptional trainer. I've worked with several over the years, and he is by far the best. He's very respectful of different people's training goals and tailors his work-outs accordingly. On my own, I don't enjoy going to the gym. But I always look forward to my work-outs with Matt.
JC Carey
On Oct 01, 2011
I have had the opportunity to train with Miller Fitness for the past year. It has been a life changing experience. I have trained with other trianers before, but with Miller Fitness I am always challenged, never bored and always learning how to gain better results from the gym and even more importantly outside of the gym by eating properly. As well, I have trained with three different Miller Fitness trainers and had a unique experience with each one. While they identified what my expectations were, they were able to add their creativity to create programs that would allow me to achieve measurable results while providing me with totally different work out programs and styles. Cheers to you Matt, you have created something truly unique to South Beach. I strongly recommend anyone that is serious about getting and staying in shape... Miller Fitness is the only game in town!
On Sep 30, 2011
amazingly great! always on time, always new excercises, always positive, always challenging, always encouraging, just thrilled with my enitre training experience with matt! think i am almost 3 years long with him!
Jon Marshall
On Sep 29, 2011
You can not go wrong buyinjg a 10 session package from Matt....you will be very pleased with his passion in helping his clients in meeting their fitness goals.
On Sep 29, 2011
I have had several trainers throughout the years that I have been training and Matt has been one of the BEST trainers. What has made him so GREAT in my book is his ability to motivate and push you. I started working with Matt at a point where I thought I could never look or feel the way I used to when I was healthy. To my surprise NOT only do I feel GREAT, I look better than ever in just in four months.

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