Matt Lawson

Chicago, IL 60613

I am a wellness professional that has worked with hundreds of individuals for close to fifteen-years fostering growth and meeting goals. Through a combination of education and experience I develop unique individualized programs intended to be fun while getting results. I recently finished a degree in Clinical Counseling intended to give my clients a deeper level of service that combines mind and body.

About Me


  • BA, Psychology, University of Colorado, Boulder
  • Master's Degree, Clinical Counseling, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Certifications / Trainings

NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer

CPR Certified

Amerian Heart Association
Expires: Dec 31, 1969
American Red Cross
Expires: Dec 31, 1969

AED Certified

American Red Cross
Expires: Dec 31, 1969

Matt's Locations

HPI Chicago

1806 West Cuyler Ave
Chicago, IL 60613

Additional Information


$100.00 / hr, $350.00/ Month Package.

Payment Methods

Cash, Credit Cards

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4 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Eric Sward on Mar 22, 2012

    "pump you up" - nice picture Matt! Which way to the beach Hans?

    Don't let Matt's biceps scare you, I have worked out with Matt over the past few years and he is GREAT. Matt has the ability to tailor the workout to a specific sport (skiing for me), rehab from an injury (again skiing), or keep you in shape when you realize maybe you should stop trying all those sports you use to do. He is a great motivator without being a drill sergeant. Matt also is good at keeping the focus on a whole body workout and mixing up the routine to avoid burn out. I highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to reach their exercise goals!

  • by Christy Reh on Jan 09, 2012

    When I first met Matt, he was teaching my favorite group fitness class called Bike Bootcamp that combined spinning and bootcamp. This was my introduction to fitness. I had taken classes before but this really got me excited about resistance training and getting strong! And I completely attribute this to Matt. I approached him about personal training and immediately got started. Matt is the most knowledgable person about fitness that I have ever met. I feel completely comfortable in his hands. Through various injuries and illnesses, he has still gotten me results. In the last year, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and was on a medication that made me gain a significant amount of weight. Matt was there with me through the whole journey, to motivate me and to still make me feel good about myself even though I had gained weight. That is my favorite thing about Matt, that he has a way to make you feel like you have accomplished something. It keeps me coming back. He knows how to push you and he has a way of getting you to a point you didn't think you could get to. As a smaller girl, I now feel confident showing up the boys in the gym. I have dropped five pants sizes quickly after the weight gain and I attribute so much of that to Matt. He has gotten me through so many plateaus as well. More importantly, he has helped me feel strong and confident in the gym and made fitness one of the most important aspects of my life. And believe it or not, I have fun every session! If you are looking for a trainer to introduce you to fitness, help you lost weight, or help you get stronger, Matt is the absolute best.

  • by Barb Javorcic on Dec 13, 2011

    I don't enjoy working out, but I want to stay in shape and be healthy. Matt keeps me challenged and he's always pushing me, in a good way. I work out with him weekly, and that keeps me motivated to work out on my own other days of the week. He makes sure I know how to do exercises and weight lifting safely. He also shows me the most effective ways to get the results I want. I hadn't done push-ups in decades - literally - but I am now! Matt is awesome. - Barb Javorcic

  • by daniel goldman on Oct 10, 2011

    matt always makes the work outs interesting, and pushes me very hard. if you want a friend matt is not your guy. he also will customized my workouts for either impressing the girls at my highschool reunion or adding extra leg and core streght pre ski season--and best of all my wife says ' i need to thank matt for those biceps'