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Marianne Storath

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Questions Answered by Marianne

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Could any women over 50 who are personal trainers or movement professionals reccomend 3 items to help attract clients?

5 Answers | Asked by Katherine Coltrin on Oct 09, 2017

Answered by Marianne Storath on Apr 03, 2018

The previous answers are GREAT! Along with the Boutique fitness facilities, I would also recommend Country clubs. Most of the members are either around our age range or older. The older fit clients appreciate our knowledge and experience. I hope this helps :)

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yoga certification

3 Answers | Asked by Lisa Clyne on May 30, 2013

Answered by Marianne Storath on May 31, 2013

Yogafit is the only program that offers CEU's. It is pretty good. I got my 200 hours through them, and the nice thing is that I was able to use every training towards keeping my ACE Group Fitness Cert. You can get CEU's for AFAA, but you have to petition for them. There was some issue with AFAA ...

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Do the letters in fitour stand for something?

3 Answers | Asked by Melanie Tucker on Feb 13, 2012

Answered by Marianne Storath on Feb 13, 2012

No. FiTOUR is just the name.

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Group Fitness or LWMC

5 Answers | Asked by Andrew Halligan on Feb 13, 2012

Answered by Marianne Storath on Feb 13, 2012

You can boost your income with Group Fitness because you have a way to show case your knowledge and talents to a large group of people, and can pick up client that way. The lifestyle coaching will boost your income by having the credentials to up your rates. You can also begin teaching small g...

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