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Fitness For Life is a unique company that specializes in bringing high quality, reasonably priced, enjoyable health promotional services to the workplace, home & communities that are different from the "health club" atmosphere. We offer many on-site services & programs that help corporations/communi... more less

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$55.00 / hr
55 at my studio in-home, $65 base fee in-home on-site
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Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Boy Scout Merit Badge counselor
Boy Scout committee member
Student Ministries Leader
5 years High School Mission Trip adult leader
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10 reviews
Patty Cobb
On Jul 31, 2014
I have been training with Marianne since February. I have no cartilage in either knee. I have had knee pain and hip pain for years. I took ibuprofen several times a day. I have been under the care of an orthopedic doctor for about 7 years. Ice and over the counter medicine was the only source of pain relief. Ibuprofen took a toll on my stomach and I am no longer allowed to take anything but Tylenol. It does not work for me. I was told about Marianne King and Fitness For Life. I talked to her and she came up with a plan to strengthen the muscles around my knees to take the pressure off of them. After about a month, I started to notice that I was taking less and less ibuprofen. Now I do not have much pain at all. I can now run stairs again and walk long distances. I keep up with the plan she sets for me and I feel so much better! She is a real motivator!

Patty Cobb
Pat Jennette
On Jul 22, 2013
Marianne has helped me with my fitness effort since I reached out to her more than a decade ago. She is not only a trainer, but a coach and a friend. Through a team effort she and I embraced, I lost 50 pounds. I gained part of it back, yet she helps me to stay on track. I am stronger now today than I was when we first started, due to her training techniques. Marianne is sincerely interested in the whole approach to fitness, nutrition, and overall health. Marianne is focused, individualized, passionate, caring, and creative! She keeps up with the latest fitness techniques and keeps each and every fitness session challenging and interesting. I attribute my overall health and fitness capacity to the efforts she places in me and her ability to motivate me. She is most adaptive and gives each individual the care he or she needs, depending on their level of fitness, if healing from an injury, if older, etc. I would recommend her to anyone of any age or ability seeking to improve his or her fitness levels.
Sally Roddy
On Jul 22, 2013
Marianne is an amazing instructor! I have tried other trainers, and most seem to have a 'one size fits all' approach to training. They don't know what to do with seriously over-weight or out of shape clients. Marianne, on the other hand, begins with what you are able to do and pushes you to develop a little at a time. Several car accidents have left me with some limitations, and Marianne adapted exercises to fit those limitations without giving up and not trying to make those areas of my body stronger. Over the two years that we worked together, I grew stronger and more fit. Honestly, I've never felt better than when I worked with Marianne.
Michael Holl
On Feb 28, 2011
She always seems to know when to push and when to take it easy on me. She always knows how to make an exercise harder, but not impossible. Always beneficial. Thanks Marianne!
Michael Tutolo
On Oct 08, 2010
Every Monday, I look forward to Pilates with Marianne. She is always upbeat and it is never routine. Being the only male in the group doesn't bother me a bit either. I can tell the "core" excercises are keeping me fit and balanced and I am getting more flexible by the week. Mondays are now exciting!!! Thanks Marianne!!!
Darlene Quallich
On Oct 05, 2010
I have been training with Marianne off and on for about 5 years. She challenges me yet makes me feel I can do anything. She has been helping me with my balance, weight and over all well being. I love my sessions with her. I can honestly say that when I follow her training I feel better, look better, and am more confident.
Christa Kulczycki
On Oct 05, 2010
I have taken classes with Marianne for almost 10 years. She is positive, fun, and informative. She adapts her classes to meet the skill levels of all in attendence so there is always something to challenge you. I am a runner and the core work has made a HUGE difference both as an athlete and from a personal perspective. I definitely notice when I miss a class. I am a big fan!!!!
Peggy Braun
On Oct 05, 2010
When it comes to Marianne only 2 words come to mind..The Best! I have taken classes with Marianne for 5+ years and credit her with my continued flexibility and strength. Marianne approaches coaching the way we all should approach life, holistically. I recommend Marianne to everyone both young and old, beginner or expert.
Adriana Popescu
On Oct 05, 2010
Marianne’s classes have made a huge impact in my life. I lost 22 lbs since Jan 1st this year and I am continually losing about 1 lbs per week. I enrolled without enthusiasm (the last Pilate instructor had us chanting for 5 min at the end of the lunch time session) and expecting the same routine that I knew by heart. Marianne was a great surprise: her classes are always different, I never get bored. She is fun and I just don’t know when my stamina increased and I was able to do more difficult exercises. I will take her classes for a long time to come. She is the best. My body became toned and I she makes Mondays fun for me. I highly recommend her to everyone looking for a Pilate workout that is not strenuous or, boring and in the same time highly effective.
kucera maggie
On Oct 05, 2010
I have taken classes with Marianne for a year now and continue to look forward to days when I have pilates with her. She is always encouraging and caters to the class's fitness level, introducing harder techniques as the students advance. I have noticed definite improvements in my strength, flexibility, and balance. I recommend her classes to both beginners and more advanced students.

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