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Marc D. Thompson is a prominent fitness trainer and personal coach with a background in medicine and exercise physiology. TRAINER TRAINING, teaching virtual technoiques--Interested in being a virtual trainer or instructor: go to http://www.virtufit.net/uploads/teachVPT.pdf. 2, 4 and 8 week programs... more less
BSc. Pre-Med, Moravian
Years Experience
16-20 years
Spinning - Certified Spinning Instructor (STAR 1)
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AFAA - Tele-Fitness
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AFAA - Personal Trainer Certification
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YMCA - Personal Trainer faculty
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YMCA - Personal Trainer
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YMCA - Mat Science (Pilates)
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YMCA - Aquatic Instructor, WSI
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American Red Cross
American Red Cross

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VirtuFit - Owner/Manager
708 Enfield Rd, Delray Beach, FL 33444

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$35.00 / hr
Fee ranges from $20-$90/session depending on package
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards
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Languages Spoken
English, French
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Client Reviews/Comments

14 reviews
On Sep 18, 2012
Mark is an exceptional trainer. What I love most is his wide and varied background. It gives him a wider range and more options for helping with any challenge. He works to keep the workouts fun and varied - no boredom here! Mark likes to connect those in his community and offers great advice in his emails for all around good health. Bravo Mark!
On Sep 16, 2012
Mark is amazing! His varied background brings so much more to his clients than just a trainer could. He's fabulously well educated in so many disciplines he can offer a personalized experience no matter what you need.
I work with him virtually and he keeps it fresh, fun and challenging! Treat yourself

JoAnna Brandi
On Sep 06, 2012
I look forward to my Skype training with Marc. In my 3-day a week program, Marc keeps the exercises varied between weights, pilates, balance, yoga, etc. I am never bored with every session being uniquely different! Marc's positive attitude keeps me focused. I also recently learned that since I began my workout program with Marc over a year ago, my bone density has actually improved! My doctor, Marc, and I were very pleased! I would highly recommend him for a complete excellent fitness regimen.
Christy C.
Valerie Sabo
On Sep 01, 2012
You have some incredibly great reviews here. I have not personally trained with you but I do receive your emails. I am into fitness and nutrition as well. I am inspired by your motivation & determination and love your fitness concept via the computer . I remember all those years ago at Moravian and what a supportive good friend you were. Hats of to you and your success.

On Aug 30, 2012
It is really my pleasure to write this review. I feel I found a treasure when I found Marc! He is so much more than a trainer. I believe he is truly a "Physical Health Professional".
He has been training myself and my daughter for the past couple of months. My daughter has scoliosis and has a history of experiencing pain whenever she used to exercise. Since she started working with Marc she has been pain free. He is teaching her how to train one side of her body different than the other depending on which side is concave or convex.
If you are looking for someone with a genuine insight into health, fitness and well being, you have found your Guru----Marc Thompson!
Richard Rosenblatt
On Aug 30, 2012
Marc is an outstanding fitness coach. He knows many exercise techniques, and is patient and caring. Marc had me doing things I'd never have thought possible.
antonella martino
On Aug 30, 2012
I meet Marc at a local event and after speaking with him and learning about his business I was really fascinated by this fitness concept he has put together. As a health care provider I truly appreciate people like Marc that give the opportunity to reach many goals while being able to improve individual life styles.
I would suggest to anyone to be exposed to this type of experience and having Marc as a trainer and supporter.
Carlee Barr
On Apr 28, 2012
Marc is an extremely caring, knowledgeable and creative person. I have been working with him for nearly two years and am always thrilled and amazed at what he plans for me each session. Each time I feel challenged yet cared for and always feel Marc is able to know what I need as soon as I walk through the door (which certainly varies!).

His wealth of experience and knowledge is great and has certainly helped to improve my health. In studio or Skype both work very well and I highly recommend Marc to anyone looking to improve their health (cario-vascular, weight loss, muscle tone, flexibility-you name it and Marc can do it!).

Thank you Marc!
sara M.
On Apr 23, 2012
three years and 99 pounds.... thats right 99 pounds... i would love to take all the credit and certainly ultimately i am the one that is eating healthier and moving more but without marc (and my therapist) none of it would be possible....
marc knows just what to do and when to do it... every workout is different which keeps me interested and involved... stability ball, yoga, weight raining , cardio, pilates, core work, stretching the list goes on and on... theres food education, massage... and one of the most amazing things is i dont even live in the same state... i am in california and marc in florida... we skpye.. i know it sounds crazy but it is fantastic... no excuses when i travel marc comes with me.. on my computer that is...i am blessed to have met marc and am grateful for his participation in this life changing journey... anything is possible when we put our minds to it and have a knowledgeable professional as a guide... marc believed in me when at times i did not believe in myself... and today three years later and 99 pounds less.... yay
Nikki Boston
On Apr 23, 2012
My name is Nikki, I am 25 years old and in good physical shape. I tore my ACL for the 3rd time and did not want to go through surgery yet again. I am a professional cheerleader and needed to get ready for my upcoming season and I felt that I needed more of a challenge than physical therapy alone could provide. I needed someone who understood the physical tasks of my sport and could help strengthen my knee while maintaining my flexibility.

I began training with Marc and worked with him twice a week for about 2 months before my auditions. I was challenged, encouraged and made substantial progress not only with my knee, but my full body physical strength and endurance improved as well. I never did the same work out twice, which made every work out that much more challenging. I did everything from yoga to circuit training, each with a specific target to strengthen and rebuild my muscles. Marc took the time to understand the specific tasks I needed to be able to do as a professional cheerleader and made it his goal to see I was able to feel 100% confident in myself to perform my routines.

I cannot thank him enough and am glad I can lean on him to keep my body strong for years to come.

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