Questions Answered by Louis

I need liability insurance. Any suggestions as to who I should use?

4 Answers | Asked by Chris Williams about 7 hours ago
Answered by Louis Davis about 7 hours ago
Hi Chris, I use HPSO, pay a little over $100 per year. Covers everything that's need with being a personal ... read more

Small Group Training question

6 Answers | Asked by Jan Stewart 6 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 4 days ago
Hi Jan, You can approach this a couple different ways, mostly mentioned in the feedback you already receive... read more

Hi there.. I am just qualifying as a personal trainer and looking for tips on training a 11 week pregnant woman. any tips?

5 Answers | Asked by Emma van Niekerk 16 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 10 days ago
Hi Emma, On top the great feedback you got already, put out a great article,"Functional Fitness for Pregnan... read more

I need ideas about remote training. How does a trainer design this?

3 Answers | Asked by Blane Dodson 42 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 42 days ago
Hi Blane, You would design the program the same as you would if you were performing live one on one trainin... read more

small group training

4 Answers | Asked by Elka Hanglin 59 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 59 days ago
Hi Elka, I agree with Nancy, circuits might be the best scenario since there is limited space. The biggest ... read more

What is the best degree to have along with my PT certification to break into corporate wellness?

2 Answers | Asked by Danielle Becker 67 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 66 days ago
Hi Danielle, It depends on what role you're looking for in corporate wellness. From a health/wellness/fitne... read more

First day as a Personal Trainer in a gym - What to do?

9 Answers | Asked by Patrick Kevin Govan 87 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 86 days ago
Hi Patrick, Matt and Karin gave great info. In addition to what they mentioned, you can offer "One Time Kic... read more

Liability waiver - corporate fitness

2 Answers | Asked by Amelia Baures 87 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 87 days ago
Hi Amelia, I would utilize the exercise/liability waiver you use when training or doing any other fitness r... read more

Ideas for interval / Cardio exercises

7 Answers | Asked by Kelly Bennett 91 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 91 days ago
Hi Kelly, Since your client is new to exercise and not in great condition, I recommend low intensity base b... read more

How do you create a program design for a client with a sedentary lifestyle?

7 Answers | Asked by Maya Brown 95 days ago
Answered by Louis Davis 95 days ago
Hi Maya, I would start off with some basic bodyweight exercises that will help her gain confidence and help... read more