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Lisa founded Whole body Fitness, LLC in 1999 to provide top-caliber personal training services to clients of all ages and fitness levels. Lisa develops progressive workouts that changes every 4-6 weeks to keep things interesting. She tracks client’s performance and gains at each workout. Her goal ... more less

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Body Wise Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
640 terminal way, costa mesa, CA 92627

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$65.00 / hr
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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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Master Level Trainer, IDEA Health & Fitness
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9 reviews
Valerie Kunz
On Jun 26, 2012
After losing 60 pounds I decided to search for a fitness coach. My first concern was to find someone with top notch credentials. Lisa was that coach. She has been a real encourager to me and consistently urges me to be my best self. She is someone that can help you from where ever you may be fitness wise and move you in the right direction to become a healthier you. Lisa has been supportive of me through all my various stages of fitness and continues to push me in the right direction. If you want a coach that will help you with hard work and good humor you have found it in Lisa.
Valerie Kunz
On Jun 26, 2012
After I lost 60 pounds I knew I needed a fitness coach in order to stay on track. I wanted to be healthy and improve my stamina. When I began my search, my primary concerns was to find a trainer who had the best credentials and Lisa was that coach. She has been a real encourager to me and is always supportive. Lisa is one of the most positive people I know and she will help you attain your fitness goals with hard work and good humor.
Valerie Kunz
Sara Deering
On Jun 23, 2012
Lisa and Robin are truly wonderful trainers. They are positive, full of energy, and always wanting to help you achieve your goals. I've been training with Lisa for 8 months and I'm stronger, more physically fit, and closer to the goals I want to achieve.
On Jun 19, 2012
Lisa and Robin are amazing trainers. I have been training with them for a little over two years now and I can truly say they care about your physical AND your mental well being. I have lost over 30 lbs and my overall fitness has improved tremendously. I cant speak highly enough about them. Not only did I gain knowledgeable professional trainers but I also consider them wonderful friends now. They are worth every penny.
Karen Mileski
On Jun 16, 2012
Lisa is simply AWESOME! I was looking for someone that could help me take my workouts to another level so I could get REAL results. The challenge was that I needed someone that was knowledgeable enough to know what I could, and could not, do because if previous injuries. I have been through quite a few fitness trainers prior to finding Lisa.
From our first session, I knew she was different than the rest of the personal trainers I have worked with. She is not only very knowledgeable, caring and fun - Lisa walks the talk and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with her services.

Thanks to Lisa, and a whole lot of sweat, I am experiencing the result I want! I would recommend her to anyone, at any age, that is serious about getting in shape!

~ Karen E. Mileski
Julia Youngblood
On Jun 13, 2012
I have known Lisa for over 20 years. She is a person with a passion for fitness and health who is on a mission to help people. Lisa is an amazing personal trainer who goes to great lengths assisting her clients in achieving their fitness goals. Lisa is constantly looking for ways to expand her knowledge of fitness, diet, and health. No challenge is too big for her!
On Jun 13, 2012
Lisa has been my trainer for the past 4 months. I started training with her 6 weeks after I had my second child. I was very skeptical in hiring a trainer but after reading about Lisa, I thought I would give it a try. Lisa is different! She really is! She knows what needs to happen to get results. She is also very detailed and makes sure your form is right, which in turn helps prevent injury. Lisa changes up the workout so different muscles are used. I can actually FEEL my muscles and body changing. Many thanks Lisa! ~TD~
Zack Rackauckas
On Jun 12, 2012
I am 11 years old and have trained with Lisa for the past year and a half. I really like her and she has helped me a lot. She has taught me the exercises and helped me with nutrition
Kay Rackauckas
On Jun 12, 2012
I have trained with Lisa for past 3 years. She is the most knowledgeable trainer I have known. She really understands body mechanics and how to get results without hurting yourself. Best of all, she is a good who cares about her clients.

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