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As my age is past the 60 mark, I am a living testimony that exercise is a major key to finding the fountain of youth. I understand all too well the trials and tribulations of the aging process. I am an In Home Trainer. Having worked for years in a gym setting, I have found that many people feel... more less
Bachelor's Degree Education, Univ of Hartford
Master's Degree Professional Counseling, Univ of Bridgeport
Years Experience
16-20 years
ASFA - Senior Fitness Instructor Certification
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
ASFA - Sports Nutrition Certification
Pending Verification
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
American Heart Association
American Red Cross

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Tone Your Tushy LLC -
Within 10 miles of 06611 (Mobile Training Radius)

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4 reviews
Tracie Samuelson
On Nov 09, 2010
If you're looking for a highly personalized training experience that challenges both your body and your self-motivation, then I would recommend training with Lisa. Five months of working out with her taught me how to exercise properly and how to push my personal limits - I found it to be both physically and emotionally empowering. I joke with her that she "kicked my ass," but it's true - she will meet you wherever you are at in your "fitness life" and push you to reach your potential in a way that you are totally capable of. I highly recommend making the investment in your well-being and highly recommend Lisa as the one to do it with.
Pat McLean
On Oct 28, 2010
I am 67 years old and had never been to a gym in my entire life. Lisa made me feel comfortable from day one. I have been working with Lisa for about two years now and have lowered my blood pressure, which was way too high, down to within a normal range. I also have a bicep that could knock your socks off, and I get up from the floor with a spring that I never had. Lisa says that I am preforming a "burpee". My grandkids are seeing a younger, more spry version of my old self! I look forward to the days I work out with Lisa. She is not only my trainer, but I, like the other clients who wrote a review, feel that she is my friend.
Nilda Leon-Smith
On Oct 24, 2010
20 months ago I decided it was time to finally get fit. I wasn't overweight but I was a skinny unfit woman with no muscle mass and very little strength. Even bringing bags of groceries into my house was exhausting. With my busy schedule I know I wouldn't get to the gym unless I had someone there who was waiting for me and on the clock. So in comes Lisa. I didn't know what to expect. It was very hard at first. But Lisa kept the workouts varied and challenging every time. I even had some energy to laugh now and then during the workouts. She really cared and knew how to tailor the workouts to my own style and health and even to how I was feeling on a given day. It is amazing how much I have accomplished. My number one improvement is the stamina and strength I have. Not to mention my body looks toned. I HAVE MUSCLES!!!! I continue to work out frequently, it has significantly improved my health and state of mind. I could not have done it without Lisa. She is an amazing trainer, woman and friend. And combines all this with a terrific sense of humor! She has a dramatic wealth of knowledge about fitness, the body and health. She certainly impressed me, and I should know since I am a physician!
Pam Nicotera
On Oct 21, 2010
I have been training with Lisa for almost a year now.
When I started with her, I was overweight and depressed. My 24 year marriage was on the brink of disaster. I had lost myself in this relationship and as the mother of my three wonderful children.
In hiring Lisa, I had finally decided to do something just for me. Lisa has helped to transform me. As my body became stronger, so did my spirit. I started to believe in myself again. I started to run – something that, as a 48 year old woman who had never run before, I never expected to do. Three months after my husband moved out, I completed my first 5K. Three months later, I finished my first sprint triathlon. The sky is the limit for me now. I’m grateful to have begun my training before my marriage ended, because it has been my lifeline.
Lisa understood me and saw the potential in me even before I could see it for myself. She has pushed me, pulled me and walked along beside me. She has made me laugh and allowed me to cry. I consider her a friend and am grateful to her for the expertise she has used to move me through my transformation. Changing my life was something I had to decide to do for myself. But it sure has helped to have Lisa by my side. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent.

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