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waterford, CT 06385

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"I believe that being physically active is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Exercise is essential for mental as well as physical well-being. I decided to go into the field of Exercise Physiology to promote the importance of an active lifestyle and help others obtain it by s... more less

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Within 75 miles of 06334 (Mobile Training Radius)
Snap Fitness Clinton - Trainer/Instructor
266 East Main Street, Suite C1, clinton, CT 06413
Anytime Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
493 westchester road, Westchester, CT 06415
G's Fitness & Nurtition - Trainer/Instructor
316 Boston Post Rd, #6, , waterford, CT 06385

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5 reviews
On Oct 12, 2011
Linda is the trainer to go to. she has the ability to give what you need with encouragement. She takes on every person at any level and brings them to a better place in mind and body. She contines to keep up on the new ways to improve your workout . She is very aware of individual needs and listen and adjust the workout. Safety and knowlege of her peoples needs are her priority. I look forward to my workput because I know that Linda is prepared to give a wokout that fits my individaul needs. THANK YOU LINDA
Shelly Stevens
On Jan 30, 2011
I had gastric bypass surgery in Jan 2009. I knew that the surgery was only one of the tools that I needed to lose my weight and that exercise was another. I was never one to do regular exercise, let alone go to a gym and get a personal trainer. However, I took the plunge and did both. I was referred to Linda by the gym's manager in Feb 2009 and was I glad that she did. Since that time I have lost 130 pounds and I still work out with Linda once a week.
I not only wanted to get in better shape, but I wanted to do that safely and Linda did that for me. She is very good at motivating me to my limits and also understands when my body has had enough. She knows that people are different with their own needs and levels of fitness and her workouts reflect that.
If you are in need of a personal trainer that will take your best interest in mind, motivate you and give you a great workout, Linda is for you.
Kathy Cole
On Jan 24, 2011
When I clicked the 5th star, it described that rating as "awesome." I had to smile as I could hear Linda speaking that word -- one she uses frequently to reinforce success. "Awesome" also describes Linda herself. Linda continually goes above and beyond to design a program that works for the individual and does everything possible to help them stay on track and to reach their golas. Linda has made a significant impact, not just on my physical well-being, but on my life!
Louise Vichas
On Jan 24, 2011
Linda is always patient and never intimidating. She always gives me personal tips and tons of encouragement. She pushes me towards my goals and will not let me give up.
Nancy Rossi
On Jan 23, 2011
Linda is the person you need to work with when you are ready to love yourself, no matter what size or shape you are or want to be. She is engaging, inspiring, perceptive and brutally honest, but always takes her cues from you. She doesn't preach, but gives you the information and skills to reach your goals and she is there to pick you up when you trip over your best intentions. She helped me lose 100+ pounds and helped me recently when I slid back into old habits and negative self talk. This is the woman you need to recapture your love of life and yourself. Small, realistic goals are her specialty and she will help you reach those and then reach further. You owe it to yourself to give her a call and work with this fantastic lady!

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