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Hello! I am a fitness/lifestyle coach in NYC. I have been training groups and private clients of all ages for over ten years. I am certified and trained in many areas of fitness and well-being. I have also created healthy lifestyle segments for NBC. I love working with my clients and most of all... more less

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Laura McDonald Health and Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
Within 25 miles of 10025 (Mobile Training Radius)

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Pls email 4 scheduling. Rates are negotiable and I offer special packages, group fitness class rates, and private training rates
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Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
Health and Fitness Segment Creator at NBC
I have had the honor of working with New York City Police Women on a Health/Fitness Program
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Client Reviews/Comments

5 reviews
Bobby Houck
On Nov 20, 2012
Great page fellow IDEA member!
Edie Owen
On Oct 21, 2011
Laura is the best fitness trainer I've ever had. She constantly changes things up, so our workouts never get old. I love that we can work out anywhere and especially love going to the park and using our "natural" surroundings to get a full body work out (benches, steps, ledges, etc.). Laura gently encourages me to push myself harder than I ever could if I tried to do this on my own. I highly recommend her!
ruth katz
On Jun 11, 2011
Laura McDonald is so motivational! She is in great shape and looks wonderful. She shows you how if she can do it, you can too. She understands the needs of her client's and is very supportive. She has a wonderful upbeat personality that makes working out very enjoyable. I have worked with her for the past 11 years and she has been with me through 2 pregnancies. She is very knowledgable about the body with fitness and healthy eating. She works with any fitness level and age. I am so glad to have her in my life and highly recommend her. Ruth Katz
Sue L
On Jun 07, 2011
Laura has a personality that I has really helped me with motivation and maintaining energy in my workouts. I have been working out with Laura for one and a half years, and have never been stronger or looked better! I never thought I would get to where I am now, but Laura has made it fun and enjoyable. Before meeting Laura, I had never connected with a fitness instructor in a way that made me look forward to my workouts in the same way. I like how Laura is always thinking about new ways to make our workouts interesting and challenging, yet always keeping it at a level that is just right for me. I also appreciate how she is very mindful of using the whole body, with exercises that build strength, balance, agility and coordination, all things that will serve me well into the future.
Beth Kelley
On Jun 06, 2011
I have been with Laura for six years. She makes "working" out fun by always changing up the kinds of exercises and includes things like boxing which are fun in themselves. Thus a whole host of muscle groups get worked. She knows how to find the right balance of a good sweat and getting challenged, without overdoing it. She has an healthy supply of positive energy and enthusiasm which she shares with others. I recommend her with no reservations. Beth K.

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