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Owner and CEO of Dynamax Medicine Balls, Tonic LLC, and Urban Animal boot camps. A former sprinter with over 25 years of group fitness and personal training, I am a passionate fitness advocate, and built a cult following and a thriving outdoor group fitness program based on play and evolutionary mov... more less
Bachelor's Degree Liberal Arts, UT Austin
Years Experience
16-20 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
Expired 7/31/2014
American Heart Association
American Heart Association

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Dynamax - Owner/Manager
1100 Smith Road Suite 104, Austin, TX 78721

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English, Spanish
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1 review
Tom Hurley
On Apr 10, 2013
Dedicated to what is best in human development from cradle to grave, Laura embodies the passion necessary to make a HUGE difference in peoples' lives. Her understanding of the distinct differences between "motivation" and "inspiration" set her apart from the run-of the-mill fitness professionals/business owners in this fickle industry.

Beyond that, her intense desire to take Dynamax as far as possible in the world of "eco-friendly" companies has endeared her to me beyond words.

I am an "Education Geek" "Brain-Based-Research Geek", and Youth Performance Specialist and have no problem remaining UN-Anonymous where Laura is concerned...

Tom Hurley, M.Ed; YFS3, YNS,

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