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Working with overweight clients who have been eating low calorie diets for an extended period of time... thoughts?

10 Answers | Asked by Aimee Barnes 373 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 369 days ago
Hi Aimee. I agree with the others. Stressing how taking in too little calories will actually work against their goal o... read more

Having issues with members turning off fans during class. Aren't fans beneficial? members believe they lose more weight.

8 Answers | Asked by Colleen Ingraham 372 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 370 days ago
Hi Colleen. While your members are correct that they may lose more 'water weight' without fans or other cooling devices,... read more

What is the best way to find a Certified Trainer to hire as an Independant Contractor?

9 Answers | Asked by Sharon Bourke 676 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 370 days ago
Hi Sharon. As others have alluded to, I think that one of your best sources will be posting your job search directly on... read more

Do gym members have a preference for personal trainers hired as employees or independent contractors?

12 Answers | Asked by Lawrence with Gym Insight 734 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 370 days ago
Hi Lawrence. I just came across your posted question. Although it was asked quite a while ago, as 'they' say "better l... read more

Where do you post job opportunity listings to hire independent personal trainers for your gym?

4 Answers | Asked by Jenny Crawshaw 371 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 370 days ago
Hi Jenny. Harris gives some great advice on this question! I would add that another great way to advertise would be d... read more

What's the easiest way to find fitness facilities that will allow independent trainers to rent space and train their clients?

7 Answers | Asked by Sean Arthur 376 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 376 days ago
Hi Sean. I agree with Karin. Going the route of the smaller, independently owned facilities will be your best bet. If... read more

I'm about to start my own Bootcamp but don't really know how much to charge. Will call other local Camps too!

3 Answers | Asked by Bella HOTBODZ BOOTCAMP 377 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 376 days ago
Hi Bella. Yep, your BEST source for pricing your class will be LOCAL prices! You're dong the right thing by checking w... read more

Medicine balls for boot-camp

5 Answers | Asked by Vanessa Scarbrough 380 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 379 days ago
Hi Vanessa. Not knowing what drills/exercises you will be using with your boot campers, I would say that it's probably ... read more

Would you set up a website with the domain name/ url extension .PT?

8 Answers | Asked by Lee Briggs 383 days ago
Answered by LaRue Cook 381 days ago
Aside from the possible confusion with physical therapists (so therefore, .cpt might be better), I think that having a m... read more