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LET ME TRAIN YOU:)) Six years ago I started on a weight loss journey.. I was very heavy, out of shape and miserable. After having one child then a set of twins, two years later I was still carrying all that "baby weight". I decided I was sick of being tired, overweight and lazy.. I signed up for... more less
Bachelor's Degree BSW Social Work, Evangel University
Exercise Science, Quincy College
Minor Exercise Science, Quincy College
Years Experience
5-6 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
Spinning - Keiser
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American Red Cross
American Red Cross
American Red Cross

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Ymca-South Shore - Trainer/Instructor
79 Coddington St, Quincy, MA 02169-4525
South Shore Ymca - Trainer/Instructor
75 Mill St, Hanover, MA 02339-1623
Kristen Kindred Personalized Fitness Training - Owner/Manager
Sea, Quincy , MA 02169

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Depends contact me to chat.. I also do discounted group sessions. My rates are different depending on studio visits or home .
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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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Client Reviews/Comments

22 reviews
On Mar 09, 2015
A friend recommended that I meet with Kristen because I'm fat and I was getting fatter. I also want to be more flexible to play old man golf and tennis. Kristen and I meet once a week and, although I don't look forward to any sort of work out, our sessions are enjoyable because she changes them every time. She always asks if I'm hurt or injured and adjusts the weights for ultimate torture (just kidding).
She also reaches out before our sessions to remind me.
She is a great trainer because she listens to my goals and wants me to look and feel better.
Rose Bell
On Mar 08, 2015
I've been working with Kristen since May of 2014 and she keeps me motivated to stay on track on my weight loss journey. Not only does Kristen keep me on my toes during our workouts but she texts me to check in and see how I am doing and really cares. I feel so much better and have more self confidence since I have been working with her and look forward to continuing to work with her. She is so knowledgeable and is constantly adding new activities to our workouts to keep things exciting.
Nancy Bell
On Jan 02, 2015
I met Kristen 3.5 years ago and she changed my life! Not only did I lose over 30 pounds but I accomplished things post baby that I never thought would ever be able todo. Thanks to Kristen I not only completed one of the first tough mudder events but I ranked in the top 5% nationally. I will forever be grateful to Kristen for helping me obtain the body I wanted in a healthy way and getting me into the best shape of my life!
On Nov 18, 2014
I met Kristen when she was teaching a bootcamp class at the gym I used to attend. It was always the highlight of my week. In the group setting she has a special gift for facilitating positive energy and creating an environment of support and teamwork. She was remarkably able to gage the group and to simultaneously pay careful to each individual.
More recently I have hired Kristen as a personal trainer. She is incredibly motivating, challenging, kind, and both physically and emotionally attuned to her clients- nurturing confidence, motivation, and self love while providing diverse, challenging workouts. Sometimes when I leave my arms are too tired to hold my steering wheel. Kristen has a special gift for helping people reach their limits and push beyond while maintaining a warm and caring presence! She is the best!!!
Jes Jones
On Sep 15, 2014
I met Kristen through this site and have been seeing her for the better part of a year now. I was always nervous about meeting with a personal trainer but am so happy I did! Kristen is great, she is super personable (even at the usual 6am time I go see her) and always makes sure we hit every muscle group. I've never done the same workout twice and she is always encouraging while still making sure my form is proper and I am working hard. I could see more definition almost immediately and her sessions always help me stay on track for the rest of the week and give me more confidence during weight sessions on my own.
Chuck Bean
On Jun 26, 2014
I met Kristen 2 years ago through a friend who knew I could use some help from a great person trainer. Kristen comes to my home two to three days a week and I can honestly say she has radically improved the quality of my life. She keeps the level of intensity up to my ability and mixes up the workouts with lots of creativity while hitting every major muscle group along the way. I have a lot more energy, stamina and strength as result of her training sessions and look and feel better too. I highly recommend Kristin to anyone who is serious about wanting to live a better lifestyle and take care of their body.
Jamie Damiano
On Feb 21, 2014
I met Kristen through a friend that found her through this site, started seeing her last June, and I think I’ve seen her almost every week since! She’s very flexible with her schedule so I’ve been able to see her at least once (sometimes twice) a week since I started. She’s very conscious about your form and making sure you don’t hurt yourself, and makes sure we work every muscle group in each session. We do all different types of exercises so it never gets boring and she always asks for feedback so you’re sure to have a workout that makes you sweat and that you don’t completely dread ;-) (we’ve done tabata, HIIT, weights). I can honestly say I’ve seen a big different in my physical appearance (is that a bicep I see?!), endurance (running, weights), and confidence since I started seeing Kristen. The gym always intimidated me, but thanks to Kristen I’m so much more confident and actually do something other than cardio at the gym! I very highly recommend her to anyone looking to get into shape or even if you’re looking for something different in your workout routine. She’s the best!!
Katie Kozak
On Feb 19, 2014
I've been working with Kristen since my sister recommended her to me in May 2013 and I can't say enough good things about her. Kristen is extremely knowledgeable about all things fitness. She is constantly introducing new exercises each week which means I never get bored and I learn a ton! Kristen is always vigilant to make sure I use the proper form, minimizing the risk of injury. The only aches I feel after training with her are the good kind! I've brought a few of my friends along to train with Kristen, so I've seen how great she is at working with people of all different fitness levels. My friends have all loved her, too!

I'm very happy with the progress I've made since working with Kristen. Kristen continues to challenge me and help me achieve fitness objectives I never would have believed I was capable of at this time last year. And best of all, she's as proud of my accomplishments as I am! It's awesome motivation. Friendly, professional, flexible, and passionate - if you're looking for an all-around amazing personal trainer, you're in the right place!!!
Denise Carlucci
On May 07, 2013
I found Kristen through this site and have been seeing her once a week for almost a year now. I can honestly say that I saw immediate results from her sessions. Kristen is such a talented and knowledgable trainer and her main focus is her clients and her client's progress. She is very concerned about injury prevention. I loved how she knew exactly how far she could push me with each workout session and always kept our workouts fun. Every session was different which made them go by super fast. Before I knew it, an hour went by, but I was sweating enough to prove it! Because of her, I feel faster and stronger with each work out that I do. I am sad that I cannot continue with her because I am moving, but I highly, HIGHLY recommend her. She is not only a great trainer but she is such a nice and inspirational person. I will miss her!! :)
Emily Kozak
On Mar 31, 2013
I found Kristen through this website. I've been seeing her for a couple of weeks now and I can't say enough good things about her. On top of being a very knowledgable and supportive trainer, she is extremely flexible about when/where you train. She keeps workouts fun and interesting while challenging you. She'll push you to work hard but never to he point of injury. She's also extremely nice and friendly to her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to get in shape.

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