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Hello fitness freaks, fans, and wannabes! My name is Kisar Dhillon and I believe that everyone, those healthy and those who have some work to do, can lead a healthy and fun lifestyle.I grew up a skinny kid and in school, wanted to get “bigger”. I was a gym rat, but quickly learned there is much... more less
BSc. Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology, University of Texas at El Paso
Master's Degree MBA, University of Phoenix
Years Experience
16-20 years
AFPA - Personal Trainer Certification
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
University of Texas at El Paso - Kinesiology & Exercise Physiology College Educatio
Agency Unavailable
NATABOC - Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
American Heart Association

Kisar's Locations

107 SE Washington Street Suite 137, Portland, OR 97214

Additional Information

$74.00 / hr
Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
Successful Business Owner of 1-2-1 Fitness since 2003
Part-Time Undergraduate Business Professor at University of Phoenix
Sold a branch of my business, 1-2-1 Health Screenings in 2010
Graduated from the M.E.J.O.R. 10 Week Entrepreneur Program in Texas
Completed WorldWorks 14 Week Leadership & Life Coaching Program
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

17 reviews
E. Ann
On Aug 26, 2013
I have been training at The Art of Personal Training for almost a year and it is one of the best studios I have trained at in years. The owner, Kisar Dhillon, has hand picked the two of the best of trainers, Mallory Stevens and Jessica Kelly, and I have been training with both of them. The one thing that I love about this specific studio is that it is private and by appointment only! I have also noticed that there is never a lot of people in there training at one time, because this is one of the rules of this training studio, which I love! I also take pride at places I spend my money at that concentrate on giving the best customer service, and I have to say, this personal training studio delivers on that. It is high end service that is helping me get in shape, feel great and developing some great relationships.
Thank You,
E. A.
Jodi Erb
On Sep 24, 2011
I can’t say enough about Kisar both professionally and personally. He was my personal trainer for many years and I consider him to be the ultimate expert in health and fitness. He was not only an excellent trainer, but if I needed advise on a health condition, or getting special instructions for an injury, I could always count on his educated and straightforward expertise. Kisar is a fun, high-energy individual with zest for life and I will miss our times together.
Jodi Erb
Mission Viejo, CA.
On Sep 19, 2011
Kisar is an excellent personal trainer/ fitness coach! He truly master the art of training by getting to know the person and understanding their fitness goals. He then customizes a plan for the person (i.e. me) and follows up on a daily basis to check up on your progress! Since I love his training technique, I have also helped to promote his services among friends and family. I also worked with Kisar to work on his public relations. Kisar also loves giving back to the community by offering his services at no cost to local non-profit organization to help domestically battered women to achieve their fitness goals!

Kisar is no longer just a personal trainer, he is a friend that cares about my physical health!

Thanks, Kisar!
On Sep 19, 2011
Kisar was such pleasure to work with, even though as a Physical Trainer, my body sometimes didn’t like him very much.(lol) He has a positive attitude, pleasant personality and exudes a high level of confidence in his field of work. His training methods are strategic and very effective. My body began a transformation that I had been desiring for years. Through his clever sense of humor, he motivated me to PUSH, when I was convinced that my body would not allow 30 more seconds (which he ALWAYS managed to get 60 more seconds, OUCH!).

Kisar is a professional, who pays attention to the detail/aspirations of each one of his clients.

Come back to Cali Kisar!

Michelle Hudson
Los Angeles, California
Nefertiti Austin
On Sep 18, 2011
Kisar is such a great trainer! He won't let you slack off and has a way of miscounting to push you further than you ever thought you could go. Lol

Those of you in the Portland area are so lucky to have him!
On Sep 18, 2011
Kisar is a creative professional in an industry full of people following the typical calories in, calories out. He takes time to listen to your needs, your areas of concerns, and really designs a plan around your needs- not the industries. He's fun to be around and a great business advisor if you need one. Kisar is definitely high end material without the "high end" drama. He can inspire anyone to a better healthier life.
Danielle Mann
On Sep 16, 2011
Kisar is an excellent trainer and all round nice guy. He is very knowledgable, enthusiastic, motivating, punctual, thorough, hard working and reliable. He has extensive experience and has worked with a wide variety of clients. Kisar has a great personality and quickly makes you feel comfortable around him. Kisar is very committed to his work as a trainer and helping his clients achieve their goals. Kisar is a fantastic choice for a trainer.

Danielle Mann
Orange County, California
On Sep 16, 2011
I have known Kisar for over 10 years and he has not only been a great trainer, but I also consider him a good friend. He is one of the most responsible and hardest working individuals I know in the fitness industry and I know that Portland has just gained one of the best in the business. He not only is always on time, but he is someone that actually listens to you and cares about what you have to say. Unlike other trainers I have seen at the gyms and studios that are always on their cell phones or are there just to count off your repetitions. Kisar is there with you all the way and sometimes he will actually do the exercises with you. He practices what he preaches, which in my eyes, goes along way. I wish him the best of luck in Portland and he will always be a great friend.

Scott H
Tequilla Brew
On Sep 16, 2011
Kisar is an awesome trainer that can help anyone obtain their fitness goal with a workout designed just for you in the comfort of your home. No matter what your schedule or lifestyle is he is able to accommodate the needs of his clients to achieve incredible results. With his workouts you feel that you are really taking the initiative to get fit quick; however, utilizing a workout plan perfect for you. Kisar has not only been a fitness instructor he has became my friend and definitely will go the extra mile to help and meet your fitness goals. Thanks Kisar!!!

Tequilla Brew
Los Angeles, Ca.
Jeremy Nix
On Sep 15, 2011
As a former student I highly recommend Kisar Dhillion's expertise to anyone. Kisar has a wonderful rapport with people of all ages. His ability to connect with his students and his talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as advanced techniques, are both truly superior.

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