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For many years I have been under the tutelage of NY Strength founder and CEO Jack Barnathan, D.C., a fitness consultant for professional and Olympic athletes, performing artists, and much of the fitness and fashion industry. I have combined his scientific knowledge and professional experience with m... more less
Years Experience
9-10 years
ISSA - Personal Trainer Certification
American Kettlebell Club - Kettlebell Coach
Agency Unavailable
Amerian Heart Association
Amerian Heart Association

Kirk's Locations

Fireside Fitness - Owner/Manager
17932 W. Winnebago Dr., Grayslake, IL 60030
www.FiresideFitness.com | (224) 627-1335
Fireside Fitness - Owner/Manager
17932 W. Winnebago Dr., Grayslake, IL 60030
www.firesideFitness.com | (224) 627-1335

Additional Information

$50.00 / hr
When training 3 X week. $55/hr when training twice a week.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
Master Trainer Certificate, NY Strength
World Kettlebell Club Master Trainer
4th Degree Black Belt, HKA
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

4 reviews
Cindy Powers
On Dec 08, 2013
I've been in the field of Physical Therapy for over 3 decades. Over these many years, I've had the unfortunate opportunity to treat individuals that have been trained or treated by individuals that subscribe to the "no pain no gain" philosophy. Without question, that is the most irresponsible and dangerous mind set for anyone [client, trainer or therapist] to model.
Having been involved in a serious auto accident, I trusted and placed parts of my recovery and rehabilitation under Kirk's direction. Ever mindful of my condition and limitations, Kirk demonstrated extraordinary flexibility and creativity to modify all routines to prevent injury or exacerbation. In today's world, it is increasingly difficult to find people of passion. Kirk was born to do what he does.
Elizabeth Sue
On Dec 03, 2013
I know you are expecting to hear how great Kirk is, and you would be right to expect it. If your working-with-a-trainer experience has been to hurt yourself and then take months to recover from your "work out", you don't ever have to worry about that with Kirk. He is well-trained, watches you like a hawk, adjusts bad form immediately, explains why you are doing that exercise, and what you are doing with your movements. Kirk's calm and soft methods of instruction are NOT to be confused with a wimpy trainer. Kirk is going to ask you to move outside of your comfort zone and really make some lifestyle changes so that you can accomplish your health goals. Your job is to enjoy the process of turning your body and your overall fitness into solid core-building, better habits, and having fun while you do so. - Liz Sue
Jim Munkacsy
On Aug 18, 2011
You are the best weapon in the quest to keep you healthy. Kirk has discovered this through ongoing education and practice. He applies his talents to teach your body to move. He freely offers his knowledge of nutrition to help you properly fuel those efforts. He will challenge you if he thinks that you are getting in your own way. I have trained with Kirk and watched him train others. His approach combines a classic work ethic with science and a love of the natural world. He will take you as far as you want to go towards your goals, building on a base of function, form and fitness.
Ron Wade
On Aug 17, 2011
I've trained with Kirk for nearly three years now, primarily focusing on kettlebells and core strength training. Kirk is an exceptional trainer and he his extremely knowledgeable, helpful and motivational. He always pushes me to reach my goals, but also knows when I'm reaching my limits and never pushes me over the edge into injury. Kirk has really helped me with my form and technique and also shares a lot of great diet and nutrition advice in between sets. Above all, Kirk is a great guy and he genuinely cares about his clients. I highly recommend Kirk for anybody looking for an experienced, certified trainer that will help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

Ron Wade

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