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When you're fit, active, and healthy it does more than just turn heads when you walk down the street - you're in control of your health and body and you have the mental strength and energy you need to blast past limitations and achieve your goals. Close your eyes and picture your biggest fitness cha... more less
Reg Massage Therapist
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7-8 years
TheMethod Pilates - Matwork: Exercise/Fundamentals
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AFAA - Pilates Reformer
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American Red Cross
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Call 310-800-CORE for bookings; Strict 24-hr cancellation policy.
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Bradley Osborne
On Sep 24, 2011
Kelsey and I started interval training about 7 weeks ago and I have to say that I've never experienced this rapid a change in my body or my ability to quickly improve intensity of a workout.

I've completely gained a whole new understanding for how my diet affects my health and she's been able to give very practical recommendations on how to improve my daily eating habits without going overboard on some radical diet.

She's always great at pushing me just past my "comfort zone" to get the kind of results I've always wanted and never had.

Haha, I keep looking down at myself in the mirror and laughing because I've never had muscles where I have them now, clearly visible.

Thanks Kelsey, You rock!
Kelsey's Response on Sep 27, 2011:
Thanks Brad :) I have to say that you are the one who rocks, my friend. Always coming in with 110% to give, always pushing yourself past your limitations, and a never-die attitude. If only all clients could be this awesome! Again, my hat is off to your rockage.

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