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is cycling safe for bad knees

5 Answers | Asked by Leslie Ward on Jul 31, 2015

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Aug 03, 2015

I would just add to make sure that your bike is set up properly, and for you specifically. If you ride outside, your bike shop should be able to help you out in achieving the perfect fit. If you are riding inside, say in a spin class, your instructor should be able to set the bike up with you to ens...

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How many of you have NON-RUNNERS in your group? what do you do to modify?

8 Answers | Asked by Louise Schollaert on May 01, 2015

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on May 05, 2015

I do several high intensity boot camp/HIIT type classes, with multiple fitness levels, ages, ability levels, and limitations. I pride myself on being able to provide a safe, effective workout for everyone. That means I always have modifications in mind, either to increase or decrease the difficulty....

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What are recommendations for kids to be unsupervised in a gym area?

8 Answers | Asked by Pam Owens on May 05, 2015

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on May 05, 2015

At our community Rec Center, you have to be 16 & up to be in the exercise area unsupervised. 13 - 15 can be in the exercise area under the direct supervision of an adult. I also offer a 4 hour (over 4 days) Youth Equipment Orientation class, which we cover the use of all machines - cardio/strength e...

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what are the recommended age restrictions for fitness clubs

7 Answers | Asked by marlene sugden on Feb 07, 2015

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Feb 09, 2015

I am the fitness coordinator at a community rec center. We allow youth ages 13 - 15 to go into our fitness area under the direct supervision of an adult. 16 and up can go by themselves. I also offer a 4 hour Youth Equipment Orientation class for 13 to 15 years olds (and anyone who wants to join in),...

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need help with a formula or format for a 4th grader

5 Answers | Asked by Andrea Bowden on Jan 25, 2015

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Jan 26, 2015

I would bet that kids of that age might be more apt to participate and enjoy exercise in a group of friends. Is it possible to train this girl with a good friend or friends or team mates? She might be a more willing participant that way, and if she does it with team mates, she might not feel so sing...

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Paying a yoga instructor if no one shows to class?

9 Answers | Asked by Christine Bettera on Oct 27, 2014

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Oct 27, 2014

Our instructors are paid hourly, and we do compensate them for the few-and-far-between classes when no one shows. However, we do set up our classes so students sign up for the whole month, and each class has a class minimum in order to run (typically a minimum of 6 to make sure we cover costs). We a...

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When working with women or specific groups

9 Answers | Asked by Melissa Sigler on Jul 12, 2013

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Jul 16, 2013

I would say that "core" definitely captures people's attention and will get them in the door. That has been my experience with group fitness over the years. I teach a specific core class that has remained popular and brings in new people each time, even when other classes have gotten smaller. I also...

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Fit pros who work with young kids:What tips & tricks can you share about how to creatively corrale for the cooldown?

5 Answers | Asked by Joy Keller on Dec 05, 2012

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Dec 07, 2012

I have sometimes used Follow The Leader for warm up and/or cool down. I bet Simon Says could work too. You could start as the leader/Simon and then as your kids become more familiar with stretches/cool down routine, muscle groups etc., they can "earn" a chance to be in charge of the game too. I thin...

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Do you have problems with group fitness instructors playing their music too loud or screaming into their microphones?

13 Answers | Asked by Calvin Yeong on Dec 07, 2012

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Dec 07, 2012

We have similar issues in our gym. We have a small group exercise studio that is enclosed and works great for classes because the sound can be contained in the room whether it's soft background music for yoga or high-energy, higher-volume music for Zumba. However, some of our larger classes will not...

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I have been teaching indoor cycle class for almost 2 years. I like doing it. Feel like I need some more variety. Suggestions?

6 Answers | Asked by Jeremy Rose on Oct 31, 2012

Answered by Kelly Serfas Bower on Nov 01, 2012

I thought I might chime in on Susan's comment on incorporating spin into a circuit style workout. I have taught spin for several years and have seen its popularity fluctuate, regulars come and go etc. About a year and a half ago, I started offering a spin circuit class and even my die-hard spinners ...

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