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Kelly Gibson

Chandler, AZ 85224

Questions Answered by Kelly

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Is July and August typically a slow time for people to seek out a Trainer? It is slow for me. Thanks

10 Answers | Asked by Kelly Gibson on Jul 29, 2014

Answered by Kelly Gibson on Jul 29, 2014

Thank you Paul!! 33 years! I've been doing this for 2 years and I just wasn't sure what was going on. I live in Phoenix where its in the 105-115F range this time of year. I'm guessing most people don't want to even be out driving in this heat. Take care

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What do you find are the best apps to help you as a personal trainer?

17 Answers | Asked by Jocelyn Martin on Jan 01, 2012

Answered by Kelly Gibson on Jul 29, 2014

i Downloaded google calendar because it syncs with other apps and I can track my schedule and my day. also use myfitnesspal for food logs

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what is the best personal training certificate

13 Answers | Asked by Kim Huffman on May 06, 2013

Answered by Kelly Gibson on May 13, 2013

NASM was a fantastic program and I highly recommend it to anyone!!

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What equipment do you suggest for a personal trainer to have to train clients at home?

70 Answers | Asked by Kym Peterson on Jun 15, 2011

Answered by Kelly Gibson on Aug 30, 2012

I will start out by making sure the client has a clean, open space with floor mats (or yoga mats) in their house to exercise. Then, discuss which equipment they already have and determine if it is safe to use. Next, consider that each client is going to be different from the next. This is the trick...

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How can I find independent trainers looking for a top notch personal training studio to work at?

9 Answers | Asked by Lorraine Plowman on Aug 19, 2012

Answered by Kelly Gibson on Aug 30, 2012

Twitter and Facebook - Social Media is a great place to find other fitness professionals in your area.

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