Keith Bishop

Saint Petersburg, FL 33710

Questions Answered by Keith

Do you feel shows like the Biggest Loser make our job easier or harder?

20 Answers | Asked by Scott Garan 1287 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1286 days ago
I also believe it makes our job much more difficult. Im telling people doing everything right they can expect 1-2 pounds... read more

Do you or your clients keep a food journal? Why/Why not?

13 Answers | Asked by Gretchen Eisenberg 1377 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1372 days ago
I also have all of my clients on MyFitnessPal! It is a non-intrusive way for me to help keep up with their nutrition and... read more

How do you feel about selling supplements to your clients?

21 Answers | Asked by Karin Singleton 1375 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1375 days ago
I have also been approached by many companies and have declined all of them. I sell getting healthy by making changes yo... read more

Does Fitness Connect help you get new clients??

11 Answers | Asked by Penny Fink 1375 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1375 days ago
Ive had 3 potential leads through this site. I actually just took on the 3rd one as a client a few weeks ago! read more

Best free or low cost method to get clients?

13 Answers | Asked by Shawn Strickland 1381 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1379 days ago
All great answers, I have tried everything said above. I also looked up every classified type website on the internet th... read more

Do you use a stability ball when training your clients? If so what are your top five exercises?

20 Answers | Asked by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali 1396 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1396 days ago
I do try to work in a stability ball quite often. Top 5 exercises I would say: 1. Stability Ball Crunch ... read more

How do you build strength/mass in your legs with little or no load on the spine?

9 Answers | Asked by Shane Mclean 1402 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1400 days ago
I have a bad back with one surgery on it already. I make sure to never do anything with a barbell centered on my spine. ... read more

Trainers that measure body fat levels, using a Bioelectrical Impedance device, what device do you use with your clients?

15 Answers | Asked by Anna-Lisa Finger 1416 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1414 days ago
I also use the Omron Handheld. It was an inexpensive way to help give my clients an instant measure of their success/pro... read more

What equipment do you suggest for a personal trainer to have to train clients at home?

62 Answers | Asked by Kym Peterson 1439 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1414 days ago
A ball, some bands, medicine ball, and them! I usually provide all of my clients with a stability ball as part of purcha... read more

On Trainer- Client relationship: 101 ways to frustrate your personal fitness trainer?

22 Answers | Asked by Henry Eliperia 1415 days ago
Answered by Keith Bishop 1415 days ago
I would say the most frustrating thing for me is when a client doesnt realize their own potential, they discount themsel... read more