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Karlton Meadows, MS

Tampa, FL 33606

Karlton Meadows, MS or Fitz Karlton, has a rich background and 30+ years of experience in the fitness industry. He served 20 years in the US Navy before completing his Bachelor’s in Sports and Health Sciences in 2012, four years post retirement. In 2016 he graduated from the University of Tampa with his master’s degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science. On 3 March 2016, he became America’s 1st and only 45 year old veteran to make his collegiate track debut as a walk-on at University of Tampa. Karlton is an educated and experienced professional who still practices what he teaches.

As one of America’s Top Fitness Professionals he has received a letter from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, endorsements from the Department of the Navy and United States Special Operations Command. Karlton was consistently sought for his professional acumen and was invited as a delegate on three international People to People Citizen Ambassador Programs: Sports Medicine Delegation to China in 2009, Sports Medicine Delegation to India in 2010 and Exercise is Medicine Delegation to Russia in 2011.

Fitz Karlton is the Founder of Majestic Balance 4 Fitness and served as Chief Fitness Engineer. His innovative approach capitalizes on the attributes and advantages of a highly adaptive yet portable $45 Million training interface to provide an unrivaled fitness experience to clients virtually wherever they are in the world.

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About Me


  • BSc., Sports and Exercise Science, American Military University
  • Master's Degree, Exercise and Nutrition Sciences, The University of Tampa

Years Experience


Certifications / Trainings

CI - Physical Fitness Specialist Certificate Program
CI - Biomechanics of Resistance Training Certificate Program
EXOS - Fitness Specialist Certification
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
TRX - TRX Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course

CPR Certified

American Heart Association
Expires: Dec 31, 1969

AED Certified

Amerian Heart Association
Expires: Dec 31, 1969

Karlton's Locations

Bryan Glazer Family JCC

N. Howard Ave
Tampa, FL 33606

Additional Information


$400.00 / hr, $300 / 45 minute & $250 / 30 minute sessions. Drop by for Remarkable Savings!

Payment Methods

Cash, Cashier's Check, Credit Cards

Awards & Accomplishments

  • * Male Athlete of the Year Nominee - Rota Spain 2001 *
  • * Night of Champions Body Building Invitational - Light Heavyweight Champion: Sicily 2002
  • * Injinji Sponsored Triathlete - 2002 - Present *
  • Fitness Model for Discovery Channel Fitness Expert and 2-time Trainer of the Year, Jonathan Ross & his latest Book, Abs Revealed
  • * Highest Rated and Reviewed IDEA Fitness Professional within a 50 mile radius of Tampa, St Pete and Sarasota *
  • * One of America's Top 11 Fitness Professionals listed by Regency Publishing Feb 2012 *
  • * America's 1st and Only Collegiate Track Athlete to debut at age 45 *
  • * Invited on People to People Citizen Ambassador Program's Sports Medicine Delegation to China 2009
  • * Invited on People to People Citizen Ambassador Program's Sports Medicine Delegation to India 2010 *
  • * Invited on People to People Citizen Ambassador Program's Exercise is Medicine Delegation to Russia 2011 *

Languages Spoken

Arabic, English



68 Reviews

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Roger Pettingell on Mar 24, 2017

    Not only a Fitness star but he is a mentor to me and my pursuit to the 2020 Olympics!

  • by Phil Worthey on Jun 19, 2014

    Karlton has been teaching our TRX classes for the last few months and has really made a significant improvement in my overall fitness. Great attention to motion detail and keeps the workouts fresh and fun.

  • by Jackie Hensel on May 05, 2014

    My name is Jackie Hensel, and I just turned 50 years old this past April. I am an over-the-road truck driver with my husband. Over the past 5 years I have put on quite a few pounds due to the lack of time and space to exercise. I decided to come home for a few months to try to get it under control and learn new ways (in a confined space) to get the weight off and keep it off. So, I found Karlton on the internet, and within 3 days, he was in my home as my personal fitness instructor! Karlton Meadows is a very unique individual. He is kind, honest, funny, extremely knowledgeable and very patient. His caring personality is very warm and welcoming. My experience over the past 2 months has been AMAZING! Karlton helped me build endurance and strength. He was patient with me and pushed me enough so that I achieved more and more at each session. Karlton went above and beyond any "normal" fitness instructor, and provided me with information on form and technique to help me achieve my future fitness goals. In 2 months, I have lost over 5 inches in my waist and lost over 20 pounds of fat. I have become physically stronger and feel blessed that I had the opportunity to work with such an inspirational instructor. It was a real honor to have him in my home, teaching me one-on-one. Karlton is dedicated to his profession, loves what he does, and truly cares about the success of his clients. I would recommend Karlton to everyone and anyone looking to learn health and fitness from, "The Best of The Best!"

  • by caleb swartzendruber on Apr 28, 2014

    I have had the pleasure of working with Karlton for a small bout of time now, but what I can say is that his knowledge is endless when it comes to the body and fitness mechanics. As a trainer he ensures that each move is being done correctly down to the T. He caters to each individual's specific functional needs when he trains them and that's what makes him so special. Karlton is a true professional and I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next.

  • by CJ Busfield on Aug 23, 2013

    Before I started the Body Engineering Experience with Karlton, I was an ACE Certified personal trainer for 6 years. Due to my medical conditions, I was no longer able to train at the intensity that I needed. My health was poor due to the medical conditions. I was inactive and out of shape due to lack of exercise.

    I love the program because it is not a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to training. It includes elements of overall health incorporating balance, flexibility, posture, endurance, and core strength. I was so accustomed to lifting heavy weights and doing extensive cardio. At first, I didn’t see how Karlton’s program could yield results. In six years of training myself I was not able to achieve the results that Karlton produced in three months.

    His knowledge is excellent. After meeting Karlton, I realized he had a great deal of knowledge that I didn’t have from my certification and years of training. His rapport puts you at ease, his positive attitude and willingness to take the time to educate you is important. He takes the time to get to know you and understand where you are at physically and emotionally. You can clearly see that he has a passion for his profession. Besides, he’s easy on the eyes.

    Within 3 months, I had achieved the goals I was looking for – to be in the best health I could be in, toned, strong. I feel better and managing my health issues. My health and fitness now is really good. I am happy with the results. I have less pain and more energy. In three months I was able to slim my hips and thighs, it made me feel like I had a new body.

    The next step will be to obtain a TRX certification. I had always felt I had to be tied to a gym membership in order to work out. With the TRX, you can take it with you. I may even consider renewing my ACE certification and training clients utilizing the TRX.

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