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Karin Singleton

Raleigh, NC 27612-3431

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anyone interested in becoming a sub teacher or looking for a sub last minute?

8 Answers | Asked by Dayse Tarakdian on Sep 23, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 24, 2016

Hello Dayse, this is an interesting idea. You launched this business only recently . It would seem to me that you are confined to a rather small geographic area; I saw that you want to audition the instructors personally. Since you promise that you will provide an instructor "last minute", ho...

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building a training room inside my gym

8 Answers | Asked by Kalyn Klaess on Sep 21, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 22, 2016

Hi Kalyn, my studio is about that size, and to elaborate on Nancy's comment about flooring, we spent almost $10000 on a special gym floor alone. Mind you, we picked the Cadillac floor, and it could have been cheaper one. Karin Singleton

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Has anyone tried the Styku, Inbody, or Fit3d body fat machines? Is it worth the $5000+ to invest for a pt gym?

5 Answers | Asked by Danny Oh on Sep 14, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 16, 2016

Hi Danny, I had a Futrex for the last 20 years, and it is now at a point in its life where I need to get it repaired or replaced. If I can get it repaired for a reasonable price, I will do this but I will not invest in a new machine. I am finding that accurate body composition data is not all...

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how do i get CE's

8 Answers | Asked by Marty Langeler on Sep 15, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 15, 2016

Hi Marty, if you click on "Continuing Education" above, you will get into the course option that are available here. You can narrow those down by organization, and you will only see the ones that are accepted by the one you chose. If you take any other course, you can always petition for CEC a...

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The fitness industry in inherently unpredictable. Have you ever shown up for work and the doors were locked?

10 Answers | Asked by Matthew Feldman on Sep 13, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 13, 2016

Hi Matthew, I would not call the fitness industry 'inherently unpredictable' but I have been in a situation where I received late final closing notice of a gym where I had been training all my clients. I had been aware that this was a possibility but knew that the owner was trying to negotiate be...

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How much do group instructors get paid?

7 Answers | Asked by Danny Oh on Sep 12, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 13, 2016

Hi Danny, I teach classes as an independent contractor at a studio and get paid per person. Since the studio has all kinds of packages, I get paid 60% of what the student pays. Of course, as an independent contractor, I carry my own liability insurance and anything else required for my business. ...

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I'm planning on starting a group fitness studio. Is having a shower a necessity?

10 Answers | Asked by Danny Oh on Sep 12, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 12, 2016

Hi Danny, I have a shower at my studio, and it is hardly ever used. One the other hand, I train mainly older adults or people with some sort of limitations, and they are not the traditional 'gym rats' who go for a workout before running to work. Looking at your profile, I would expect higher ...

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arthritis training programs

5 Answers | Asked by Michele Meleski on Sep 09, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 09, 2016

Hi Michele, many older adults have osteoarthritis, and individuals with excess weight may suffer from it more often than others. Most common sites are knees, hips and spine, but also hands and feet. The exercise selection for such client depend on the results of your initial assessment. Gener...

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I have fibromyalgia for a few months and cant train due to reduced ROM/pain in shoulder/back muscles. Any suggestions?

7 Answers | Asked by sara farag on Sep 07, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 07, 2016

Hi Sara, making specific recommendations without having seen you in person is difficult. However, there are a few generic points I can make. It is certainly smart of you to stop doing things that hurt. Taking a yoga class that makes you feel better is a great first step. Another for of exercis...

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Jobs with ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist cert

9 Answers | Asked by Lloyd Williams on Sep 01, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Sep 03, 2016

Hi Lloyd, I just read your additional information. With those extra credentials, you can well establish yourself for that specific population. Make sure you get this information about yourself out. If I were to look for a personal trainer, this would make the difference for me between giving you ...

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