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personal training agreement

5 Answers | Asked by Stacey Newsome on Jan 10, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 10, 2016

Hi Stacey, I'll be happy to send you mine as a template, and then you can tweak it to your needs. Karin Singleton www.meltnc.com

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how much would it cost to build my high school a profesional basketball gym with nba STYLE locker rooms?

4 Answers | Asked by phil frost on Jan 09, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 09, 2016

Hi Phil, I applaud your good intentions but I would not invest any more time and energy into that question until you have actually won that kind of money. I am also sure that a construction company would not sit down to give you an estimate beyond the statement of "a whole lot of money". In th...

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Nutrition, strength, and conditioning programs for 19 year old female jockey who does extreme weight loss diets like fighters

7 Answers | Asked by Jennifer Mercer on Jan 07, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 07, 2016

Hi Jennifer, here is another article to add to your list file:///C:/Users/Karin/Downloads/Athletes_and_Eating_Disorders_Handout.p.... It's such a sad story because you are not likely to get through to her. She is influenced by people who are very important to her. I hope she will be okay in th...

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Ok silly question but which CPT program is the best or more widely recognized ?

9 Answers | Asked by Kerri WIlson on Jan 06, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 06, 2016

Hi Kerri, the certifying agency matters to a point. Some employers will specify certain agencies, and those tend to be the NCCA accredited and nationally recognized ones. Better is ultimately in the eye of the beholder, but you cannot go wrong with ACE, ACSM or NASM. Karin Singleton www.m...

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I am interested in the master nutrition certification, but can not figure out how to sign up at the price listed here.

2 Answers | Asked by Heather Freeland on Jan 06, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 06, 2016

Hi Heather, please specify: at the price listed ..... where .......? Karin Singleton www.meltnc.com

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I am looking for reviews/feedback on the ACE and/or NASM Behavior Change Specialist certifications.

4 Answers | Asked by Kristina Walker on Jan 04, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 05, 2016

Hello Kristina, I cannot give you a comparison but I can give my evaluation of the NASM BCS since I have that certification. What I liked best about it was that it linked the different possible intervention techniques to the trans-theoretical model of change. Let me give an example for goal se...

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What's the best barre certification agency to get my certificate from?

5 Answers | Asked by American Barre Technique (ABT) on Jan 04, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 04, 2016

Hello, you were posing this as a question to make a case for your organization's barre certification program. From your answer to Susan and the information on your website I gather that you have no prerequisites to your certification. Your program, by your statement, is so comprehensive to make a...

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Exercises to help frozen shouder.

10 Answers | Asked by Teri Robus on Jan 02, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 02, 2016

Hi Teri, I speak from own experience as I once had a frozen shoulder myself. This is something where you need to work with a physical therapist. The reasons for getting a frozen shoulder can vary. There are cases when frozen shoulders all of a sudden "melt", but there are often underlying problem...

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How do you organize your fitness reference materials?

10 Answers | Asked by Nancy Korf on Jan 01, 2016

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jan 01, 2016

Hi Nancy, I file a lot electronically. I scan articles in in try to get them as a PDF file and the organize them in folders on my desktop. Karin Singleton www.meltnc.com

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where do I find the IDEA waiver required for insurance

2 Answers | Asked by Molly Jacques on Dec 31, 2015

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 31, 2015

Hi Molly, do you mean a liability waiver? Here is a sample: http://www.ideafit.com/files/Release%20of%20Liability.pdf. Karin Singleton www.meltnc.com

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