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Karin Singleton

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Questions Answered by Karin Singleton

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what style of swimwear should men wear for water aerobics?

14 Answers | Asked by User on Apr 25, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 25, 2013

Hi Don, I am a water aerobics instructor. All the guys in my class wear swim trunks with elastic AND drawstring. Whatever stays in place when you move, jump and bounce. While you will probably be surrounded by ladies, all that will be visible of you are head and shoulders. I hope you will enj...

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coaching courses recommended for families and patients dealing with catastophic illnesses

2 Answers | Asked by Norma Platt on Apr 24, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 24, 2013

Hi Norma, I think this is not the best forum for an answer to your question as this is a site for fitness professionals. I wish you the best of luck in the pursuit of your career. Karin Singleton

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What can I do for cardio if I have knee pain?

12 Answers | Asked by Riley Stone on Apr 24, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 24, 2013

Hi Riley, if you cannot do any lower body exercises at all, you may need to look at an upper body ergometer, sometimes also called arm crank machine. Swimming is great but breast stroke usually needs to be avoided. Water walking can provide a good workout, and so does water aerobics. Wish you ...

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Is it ok to exercise with a rotator cuff injury as long as what your doing doesn't cause pain/discomfort or should you rest it?

9 Answers | Asked by Heidi Bodenheimer on Apr 24, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 24, 2013

Hi Heidi, in a case like that, I tend to incorporate the exercises from physical therapy into the workout routine but do not do any other exercise that involve the shoulder unless cleared to do so. I am not sure whether you are asking for yourself or for a client. Sometimes, you can aggravate a r...

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Chemist Turned Fitness Trainer

7 Answers | Asked by Nikki Jones on Apr 24, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 24, 2013

Hi Nikki, let me paraphrase to make sure I understand your question: You currently have a full-time job as a chemist and have started some small group training on the side as an independent business. It appears that you have a place to do so. You now want to quit your job as a chemist and work...

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How does someone tighten the skin around the abdomen when losing weight?

10 Answers | Asked by Joanne Doorey on Apr 16, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 23, 2013

Hello Joanne, while I agree with many posts, I still believe that you should try to improve the strength of your abdominal muscles. When you do it, the appearance of softness may improve even though it may not get back to where it once was. You may have a Pilates studio near you. The focus on...

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upper trapezius strain

6 Answers | Asked by Dan Kuss on Apr 22, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 23, 2013

Hi Dan, I really like the answer given by Calvin. It appears to be a matter of how you position your body when driving and kayaking. While I am not an expert at kayaking, both activities seem to invite the upper traps to get involved. Those muscles are already easily incited at best of times, and...

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How much does it cost to build a gym?

12 Answers | Asked by Stephanie Mckinney on Apr 22, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 22, 2013

Hi Stephanie, I think it will be helpful if you narrow your question down a little. The variables are so many and all have an impact on the cost. Just to name a few: location, size, projected membership, facilities offered (eg. swimming pool etc.). Karin Singleton

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can i take the (aaai-isma) personal training cert on line?

1 Answer | Asked by jesse boyd on Apr 21, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 21, 2013

Hi Jesse, I am not 100 % clear on your question but here is a link to the renewal process for AAAI-ISMA According to this, you only need proof of CeCs without the need to attend a workshop. Karin Singleton

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Insurance in more than one state

7 Answers | Asked by Andrew Halligan on Apr 20, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Apr 20, 2013

Hi Andrew, the following is from their web site on the question whether trainers need to submit a list of facilities where they train: "No, since the policy is designed to cover the policyholder in all 50 states, it is not necessary to provide a list of locations." Karin Singleton www.melt...

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