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Karin Singleton

Raleigh, NC 27612-3431

Questions Answered by Karin Singleton

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Do ab machines work?

8 Answers | Asked by Catherine Tran on Jul 02, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 06, 2013

Hi Catherine, it's not so much a matter of good or bad but a matter of your goals. Ab machines will work those superficial muscles as rectus abdominus or external obliques, and if that's what you want - do it. I found that many clients benefit more from learning to properly engage the layer of...

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CPR course online

6 Answers | Asked by Monique Gaymer-Jones on Jul 05, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 05, 2013

Hi Monique, be aware that online CPR classes are usually not sufficient as proof for certifications and re-certifications. Karin Singleton

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I'm a physiotherapist and now I'm working in fitness industry. I would like to ask about certification in fitness field

7 Answers | Asked by km monika sing on Jul 04, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 04, 2013

Hello Monika, I can understand your perspective that you are looking for an advanced personal trainer certification because you already are a physical therapist. However, the requirements on a personal trainer are usually very different from those for a physical therapist. Unless you have an i...

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can you become a chek certified trainer by distance learning and where do you start from

2 Answers | Asked by David Sean Lashley on Jul 02, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 04, 2013

Hello David, it will probably be best if you contact the C.H.E.K. Institute directly. Here is the contact information. By Email - General Information - Placing Orders, Queries About Orders - Promotion and Marketing ...

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when teaching small group training classes, 3-5 participants, who you are

6 Answers | Asked by Melissa Sigler on Jul 02, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 03, 2013

Hi Melissa, while the concept of shorter rest periods is appealing, the use of correct form should still be the paramount principle. I would demonstrate as I go along. Karin Singleton

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Is it safe to heat olive oil?

3 Answers | Asked by Andrew Stevenson on Jul 02, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 03, 2013

Hi Andrew, not all olive oils are created equal when it comes to heating. It is generally not recommended to heat 'Extra Virgin Olive Oil' (see reference because it loses most of its nutrients but that does not make it unsafe. It ju...

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What do you think is the most important aspect to keep retention high?

14 Answers | Asked by Ron Benamor on Jun 25, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jul 01, 2013

Hi Ron, I answer this question from the perspective of client retention of a personal trainer, not gym membership. In addition to many great answers already given, I believe it is the ability to modify a client's workout when unexpected problems arise. Exercisers often fall off the bandwagon w...

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What do you feel is the best overall nutrition plan for the average person trying to lose fat?

8 Answers | Asked by Jeremy Belter on Jun 30, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jun 30, 2013

Hi Jeremy, in order to lose fat weight, a negative energy balance has to be achieved between eating less and exercising more. From that perspective, the total number of calories-in is important. While I do not give specific meal plans as this is not within my scope of practice, I educate my cl...

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Where do I find the TW-CC renewal forms?

1 Answer | Asked by Sylina Levy on Jun 30, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jun 30, 2013

Hi Sylina, there is a telephone number here at IDEA for TW-CC. Hope this helps. Karin Singleton

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How do you stay active over the 4th? What are your favorite healthy 4th of July recipes and activities?

9 Answers | Asked by Jessica Cline on Jun 28, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Jun 29, 2013

My July 4th is like Susan's. Just another day, I will even train a few clients. One of the things I always love to do over the July 4th weekend is to go to a local festival called "The Festival for the Eno" which is a fun event with music and local crafts. Personally, I am not that obsessed about...

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