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ace discount

2 Answers | Asked by Caren _ on Dec 26, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 26, 2013

Hi Caren, I have been getting a discount from ACE when I signed up for one of their certifications while attending an IDEA conference. I do not know that they will give a discount under other circumstances but it certainly wont hurt to ask them; here is an e-mail address: support@acefitness.org ...

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doing push up harm brain nerves

5 Answers | Asked by vijay vyas on Dec 25, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 25, 2013

Hello Vijay, I am sorry that you are not feeling well. Every time when you notice something strange during an activity (like a push-up) that you have been doing regularly for a while, it is cause to stop and investigate. A sensation of 'dizziness like a stroke' must not be taken lightly, and ...

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Is there any way to measure yoga studio retention? Do you think it only has to do with the instructor?

5 Answers | Asked by Melissa woods on Dec 03, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 24, 2013

Hi Melissa, since you mention a 'studio', I assume that we are talking about a rather small space with only a handful of instructors. In a small environment like this, it should be possible to track who is attending which class, and you will probably soon find that the same people tend to gra...

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What assessments are trainers using for special populations today?

7 Answers | Asked by Kristina Ostrowski on Dec 22, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 22, 2013

Hi Kristina, this is a very encompassing question, and I will give you my take on some of it. While I have the standard NASM assessments tools on the chart that I use as a base for my evaluations, I rarely use many of them, and sometimes I make assessment criteria up as I watch the new client....

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How to deal with disrespectful clients?

9 Answers | Asked by Michael Cunningham on Dec 21, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 22, 2013

Hi Michael, the others are correct in suggesting that this is an issue that should be addressed by the parents. As it appears nowadays, though, many parents do not necessarily own up to this responsibility. They may have put him into your program in hopes that you will be the one who sets him str...

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New ideas for my new blog?

5 Answers | Asked by MRS BARBELL on Dec 20, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 20, 2013

Hello, I was wondering who your intended audience is. You are using a lot of very long words that are not in the common vocabulary. I would be more specific and practically oriented. I noticed on your blog on magnesium that you are making supplement recommendations without making reference to ...

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What are some great books to stay up to date in the fitness field!

7 Answers | Asked by Demarques Edwards on Dec 19, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 20, 2013

Hi Demarques, while not a book on strength training, I love Thomas Myers' "Anatomy Trains" which provides an augmented view of the human body from a connective tissue point of view. Karin Singleton www.meltnc.com

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What music would you use for my senior clients all of whom are over 70

10 Answers | Asked by Camille Williams on Dec 19, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 19, 2013

Hi Camille, to some degree, it depends what kind of workout you are doing with them. When I taught water aerobics, I used waltzes, polkas and marches, and my participants of all ages loved it. It works well for any movement class as long as the class does not have to go 'with the beat' but is mor...

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How fast can you get your certification?

8 Answers | Asked by Thomas Kocz on Dec 19, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 19, 2013

Hi Thomas, there are some certifications on the internet where you only need to answer a series of questions (very easy from my point of view), then submit them, and if you are willing to pay their fee immediately, you are a certified personal trainer right there and then. In the same spirit, you...

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What group exercise classes are trending? Zumba? Insanity? What will become more popular soon? What should I learn/teach?

5 Answers | Asked by David Lyman on Dec 17, 2013

Answered by Karin Singleton on Dec 18, 2013

Hi David, in the interest of full disclosure: I am biased because I am a MELT instructor myself, and my classes are full to the brim. All those wonderful high intensity and Zumba classes are creating some fit bodies but there are a few left behind with injuries because their bodies were not ready...

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