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"WHOLE, The thing that I am most passionate about in life is influencing people to become WHOLE." Every person truly desires the best for themselves. Many of us however lack the tools necessary to set and achieve goals that will bring us to a place of Well being. My desire is to assist people in ... more less
AS Fitness and Personal Training, Clark College
Years Experience
5-6 years
Schwinn Cycling - Schwinn Cycling Certification
NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
Not Verified
Indo Row - Indo Row Training
Agency Unavailable
Schwinn Cycling - ShockWave
Agency Unavailable
American Red Cross
American Red Cross

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Within 10 miles of 37211 (Mobile Training Radius)

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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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Most Improved Personal Trainer of the Year (2008)
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Client Reviews/Comments

18 reviews
Kristi Cornwell
On Jul 27, 2013
I came to NWPT to recover from an injury but never expected to start "loving a good, hard workout." Kara has been instrumental in developing that love of fitness. My favorite workout with her is cycling class pushing us to reach the goal we each set for the class (and them some). Her playlists are just as upbeat as she is whether it's 5:30 am or pm. My perception is she is also a fantastic leader of the fitness team at NWPT and a wonderful one on one trainer. Watching her come back from a 2nd pregnancy and drop the baby weight was an inspiration! I'm choked up thinking she is moving to Nashville. If I am ever in town I would drop in for a class she's leading in a heartbeat! If you are looking for a trainer that makes the time fly while you are pressing towards reaching your goals, hire Kara.
Randall Kaufmann
On Jul 15, 2013
Kara has taught me many things about working out but the one thing that I take with me everyday is that I can always dig a little deeper, give it on more turn, one more twist, one more bend and she is right, that extra bit is always there if you want it. Just give her 30 minutes, she will change your life. Thanks Kara
Chad Alfson
On Jun 27, 2013
Kara is an awesome personal trainer and class trainer. I personally have worked with her in both areas. Kara has the knowledge to train the "whole" person, including nutrition. Kara is always pushing me to the next level and works hard right along with me. She is always looking for new ways to make her training better and enjoyable. I also had the opportunity to ride 204 miles from Seattle to Portland. What an amazing person she is. I call her my friend and would recommend her for anyone who is looking to get in shape, get in better shape, or wanting to reach a certain goal. She can make it happen. Thank You Kara for all that you have done for me.
maryanne alkhoraigi
On Jun 26, 2013
Kara is one of the most positive and upbeat trainers I have had the pleasure to workout with. She is a sweetie but she will push you HARD and make you WORK! We will all miss her but who ever hires her you can be assured you will be getting an outstanding trainer.
Maryanne Alk
Greg Duplessie
On Jun 26, 2013
I was one of the very first clients to train with Kara at Northwest Personal Training and have always loved her upbeat personality and ability to bring out the best in me. Thanks, very much, Kara for always having a great attitude and a smile.
shayla weston
On Nov 05, 2010
Kara is an awesome trainer. Her classes are hard but you can always adjust your pace to fit in with your needs. She has a really cool way of getting you to push yourself without being too tough. She makes you want to work really hard! Her classes are really fun and she puts in lots of competitions and games. Overall Kara is great. I always feel like I got an amazing workout after her classes and have already seen some great results in myself since beginning the classes. Thanks :)
Steve Hennessy
On Oct 11, 2010
Kara brings meaning to the "Personal" in Personal Trainer. She makes you feel like you are her most important client, pushing you to new limits while watching out for your well being and health. Great to have a motivator who keeps me accountable, and oh yes, is Fun....:)
Patti Maltase
On Oct 10, 2010
I never dread getting up early for one of Kara's classes. She's upbeat, extremely motivational, tough and she does it all with a great sense of humor. She makes me laugh...that is if I can find an extra breath to do so. Thanks Kara!
Jerry Otto
On Oct 08, 2010
Kara is a fantastic personal trainer and class trainer. Kara works the "whole" person, including nutrition. She has helped me develop a diet plan and workout regime that I can stick to and that is fun. Kara is very motivational and knows when I need to be pushed. She has helped me reach my goals and set new ones. Thanks Kara - you are great!
Marla McGourty
On Oct 08, 2010
Kara knows how to push you to the limit without going over. She keeps you motivated to do your best and be your best. Couldn't have a better trainer! Thank you Kara, we appreciate you!

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