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I love my job! To be able to share my passion for all things related to living a healthy and joyful life is for me, a dream come true. I realize this dream day after day. When a client reaches a personal goal or discovers a hidden passion for movement. When someone opens themselves up to a new e... more less
Bachelor's Degree BA Humanities, New College of California
Years Experience
7-8 years
Schwinn Cycling - Schwinn Cycling Certification
TRX - TRX Suspension Training Course
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Expired 1/02/2015
PTAG - Personal Training Bridging Course
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
American Heart Association

Julia Allison's Locations

Barefoot Tiger - Trainer/Instructor
40 West 116th Street, New York, NY 10026
333 Adams St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-3714
Live! Laugh! Move! Fitness - Owner/Manager
Within 5 miles of 11238 (Mobile Training Radius)
917 359 7277
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Client Reviews/Comments

8 reviews
On Jun 05, 2013
Before writing this review I read the others, and I think that what lies behind all the other satisfied clients should be stated very clearly: Julia is an acutely observant and empathetic person. She sees both the physical aspects and their details as well as the whole person. She also listens, which can be unusual these days.
So with Julia's broad training, extensive knowledge and lively fascination with the subject, you can be assured of a
carefully worked out clear program for you.
If you're worried about other health problems you will find her always ready to help and advise.
I'm in my mid 60s and have worked with Julia for several years. I recommend her unreservedly.
Nick M
On May 25, 2013
I'm not really the kind of guy who loves exercising, but working out with Julia has been the perfect balance between getting a better shape without feeling the pain too much (well, I suppose you do have to feel it a bit). She's very friendly, patient and knowledgeable, and since I started with her I've found myself more self conscious about the way I stand and how I can move better. I highly recommend her.
G. J.
On May 22, 2013
I have been working with Julia since December 2012 (twice a week) - she is a wonderful trainer that knows just how to gently push you every week to get a little further. Results are amazing, the way I feel and look, and Julia makes it a pleasure to work out.
She is great at what she does and also upbeat, this definitely helps to keep me motivated.
I highly recommend her to anyone who wants/needs some exercise and needs that gentle push to get started.... or people who already exercise and need to take it to the next level!
On Dec 09, 2012
I had the ultimate pleasure of being able to take Julia's fitness classes when she was an instructor at the Eastern Athletic Club in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. She is a wonderful guide to health and fitness-knowledgeable, caring and always helpful.

When she had to leave New York to address family concerns I felt that not having her in the club would be a great loss and I was right.

I enthusiastically recommend her as a great trainer and teacher.
Denise Waxman
On Dec 09, 2012
I'll be honest. I don't like exercise. But working with Julia made it almost a pleasure.
I had sessions with her 2x a week for a year where I learned the correct way to do a variety of exercises under her careful, gentle, encouraging approach. I also learned about how to stretch and ease the pain of some especially troublesome and knotted muscles in my hip.
She has a host of wonderful metaphors to explain what to do with your body and introduced me to muscles I didn't know I had.
Surprise, it made a big difference in the way I felt.
Part of being is great trainer is that she is a pleasure to be with; personable, interesting, kind, thoughtful, patient, and fun.
She is a gem of a person and recommend her wholeheartedly.

Edith Asibey
On Dec 05, 2012
Julia brought me amazing results in a relatively short-time! I was getting married and needed a lift--literally. Julia got me back to great shape, and I was able to wear a fabulous strapless dress, with folks commenting on my toned arms. But she went beyond looks; we worked on posture, balance--both physical and mental. She has a great sense of humor, is a great listener and made our sessions very pleasant. I would highly recommend her.
baila olidort
On Dec 05, 2012
Julia is outstanding! Julia worked with me with great patience, concern, and attention to my needs, raising my own awareness about my health, posture and core muscles and teaching me to work out on my own. She has taught me a routine that I never thought I could master, and I hope to continue with her when I am ready to take on more. What a wonderful trainer and teacher. Her beautiful character make her a great person to spend time with!
Nikko Sedgwick
On Dec 05, 2012
Julia is a Godsend for me.
I've had chronic back pain my whole life due to a serious accident I had as a child.
Julia helped me to not only stretch and strengthen my back muscles, but showed me that strengthening my stomach muscles would help to compensate for my back having to carry the burden of my whole upper torso.
To a lot of workout people this is obvious, but to me it was news; which brings me to another point: Julia is a very patient, kind, non-judgemental person.
She provided me with an itinerary of exercises that I felt I could keep up with even when she wasn't looking over my shoulder and forcing me to do it.
Training with Julia has led to, for the first time in my life, being completely free from back pain, not to mention my wife thinks I look super-hot with my new- found six pack.
I would highly recommend Julia for any and all physical training and advising.
It doesn't hurt that she's also pretty easy on the eyes and an amazing cook.
What can I say, I can't say enough about this woman.

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