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I am a Integrative Health and Fitness Educator, Coach and Trainer. I enlighten and instruct in order to galvanize personal and professional success through interrelated components of human performance. I am the founder and creator of Unification Point in Denver, CO where we incorporates an array of... more less
Bachelor's Degree Exercise and Nutritional Science, NPTI (National Personal Training Institute)
Years Experience
11-15 years
NESTA - Personal Fitness Trainer Certification (PFT)
NESTA - Biomechanics Specialist (BMS)
NESTA - Core Conditioning Specialist (CCS)
NESTA - Functional Training Specialist (FTS)
NESTA - Heart Rate Performance Specialist
NESTA - Mixed Martial Arts MMA
NESTA - Speed Agility and Quickness (SAQ)
IAWHP - Work-site Health Promotion Specialist
Agency Unavailable
American Red Cross

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Unification Point - Owner/Manager
2954 Welton St, Denver, CO 80205

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Payment Methods
Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
100% Heart Award 2000 (DRHS created after me)
Leader of Leaders Award 2002 (Breckenridge Outdoor Education Center)
#1 Fitness Coach in the Nation 2007 (Bally Total Fitness)
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Client Reviews/Comments

11 reviews
Marjorie Helms
On Oct 06, 2014
My 12 year old son is active and fit but wanted to increase his athletic ability ... specifically, to run faster. Josh was great with him! His method for balancing the body systems and pinpointing specific goals was extremely efficient. My son grew his body strength over 400% in only 3 months and increased his flexibility, endurance and speed. His soccer coach praised the change in his playing ability. Just a few weeks into the program, my son saw the change in his biceps and was so excited, his self-confidence soared. Best of all, Josh made everything fun. My son was always excited when a session was coming up. I highly recommend Josh for any age client. His knowledge and manner will support you in reaching your goals in the safest and most effective way possible. ... Marjorie H.
Jeff Macco
On Oct 30, 2013
I thought I knew a lot about fitness and diet before I met Josh. I knew how to lose weight, get cut where I wanted and point my energy to create more energy.

And then I met Josh...

Josh's passion for helping others transform their health and find balance is far greater than anyone else I've ever worked with ... or met. He has lived an interesting life and has taken over a decade worth of helping others and refined it help you succeed.

I recommend Josh and Unification Point with the fullest level of commitment.
Emily C
On Oct 24, 2013
I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive in hiring a "personal trainer" but Josh has proven to be so much more. I consider him to be a life/wellness coach. I was in good shape when I started with Josh but wanted more definition and toning to my body. Josh kicked my butt and actually gave me my first bikini booty which I thought would never be possible. His approach is detailed, precise and he knows more about the muscular anatomy than anyone should but that is what makes him excel at doing what he does. Bar method and yoga never gave me these results! Oh and did I mention he has made cellulite DISAPPEAR!!!
Joshua's Response on Oct 30, 2013:
Thank you for sharing Em!
Karen Sage
On Sep 17, 2013
Josh has been a key asset in both my growth as a fitness professional and my family's wellness. We were blessed to have met Josh through our local recreation center and have been loyal followers ever since. He has given us his time, knowledge and skills through individual and group training with genuine enthusiasm and professionalism. His hard work and commitment to providing a high quality program are evident in the results my son experienced after working with Josh. Specifically his mobility, speed and overall body composition improved and allowed him to experience the confidence on the field that he and Josh had set out to attain. To this day my son enjoys the benefits of working with Josh both on the field and in his own work outs!
Joshua's Response on Sep 17, 2013:
Thank you very much for communicating your experience.
Jung Park
On Jul 30, 2013
It is my pleasure and privilege to write this letter of recommendation on behalf of Mr. Josh Garcia.

I have been Mr. Garcia’s client for over 3 years. Prior to working with Mr. Garcia, I had been searching for an expert who held comprehensive perspective on a person’s well-being; physical, nutritional, mental, and emotional. Mr. Garcia conducted a thorough assessment to gauge my current state of being from all aspects mentioned above. Once he completed his analysis, Mr. Garcia designed a program that addressed all areas of my life that were misaligned and ineffective. We began with changing my eating schedule and habit. Mr. Garcia strategically designed a meal plan, schedule and portions that were appropriate for my age and physical state. All the meals and snacks were prepared by Mr. Garcia with his own recipes he has perfected over the years. The meal program alone allowed me to shed over 10 pounds of fat within the first month.

The exercise plan and schedule accommodated my injuries, age, lifestyle, and work schedule. Mr. Garcia also focused on exercise routines that would motivate me the highest enabling me to physically enhance my well-being while also relieving my mental and emotional stress. The workout schedule also accommodated my busy schedule, ensuring that every minute I spent in the gym was at the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness.

Overall, working with Mr. Garcia was similar to interacting with an old friend, someone who genuinely cares about your WHOLE being. Mr. Garcia does not treat his clients as a customer but a confidant. He genuinely believes that his success is an outcome of his clients’ success. His humble and caring nature is not only unique in his industry but unique in business world today.

It has truly been a blessing to have Mr. Josh Garcia in my life helping me manage my well-being in all aspects.
Jeffrey Martinez
On Jul 29, 2013
Muscle Bound: I have never had a personal trainer nor was I fond of the idea of having a personal trainer. For a while now, I have done my own research on working out and getting stronger. After a couple months, I have become bored with my own workouts even when I change things up, it still feels less challenging.
In comes Josh. I’ve been working with Josh for a couple months now. Josh is amazing and focuses on high quality instruction that emphasizes functional fitness. I highly recommend Josh as a personal trainer for anyone. I see him with other clients as well and you can tell he’s not the ordinary personal trainer that you may get at 24hr hour fitness.

Josh truly cares about your success and as long as you put in the effort, you will achieve your goals together. Josh provides great workouts, he’s friendly, very energetic, and really encourages you! Takes time out of the sessions to get to know you as well!

*Gained 6 lbs of Lean Body Mass
*Lost 2% body fat
*Upper cross syndrome corrected
*Genuine lifelong friendship and support … priceless J. Martinez
Lora Lamm
On Jul 28, 2013
“When I met Josh, the only thing I had in mind was to get back in shape and help ease lower back pain due to scoliosis. The results, dedication and inspiration Josh provided were nothing less than exceptional.

Josh genuinely cares about my progress. It started with an honest evaluation of my goals, aptitude and physical state. Together, we set goals for fitness, nutrition and personal goals and he made them fun and realistic without making them feel like a chore. At the end of week 12, I was truly amazed with the results! So much so, that I continue to train with Josh 3 times per week, and what amazes me, is that he is constantly evolving and improving his craft. There is never a dull or repetitive session with him.

Not only am I in the best shape of my life, I also feel great both physically and mentally and no longer have lower back pain. My self-esteem has soared, my productivity and mental focus have been vastly improved and, for the first time in my life, I’m not self-conscious in a bikini.

Josh’s commitment to my success and his coaching has transformed my attitude towards fitness and personal growth to a way of life, not just a 12 week achievement. I can honestly say he has changed my life.

If you are looking for an amazing personal fitness and performance coach, not just another personal trainer, I highly recommend seeing Josh. You will be amazed at what you will achieve!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert Results:
*Lost 8 lbs of fat mass
*Gained 7 lbs of lean body mass
*Scoliosis restrictions regressed *Minimized low back pain …priceless

L. Lamm
Josh Jacobson
On Jul 26, 2013
I'm a stubborn guy with a stubborn beer belly that just wouldn't go away. I wouldn't say I was fat, but I wasn't in shape either. Healthy foods were a foreign concept to me, I'd order my In N Out burger extra animal style and wash it down with a a few beers and a side of cheesy fries. Sure, there's workout videos on YouTube and my apartment complex has a gym, but I had no clue how to use either effectively. When I did "exercise", I was inconsistent, lacked structure and felt like I was wasting my time.

I walked into Unification Point with drive, commitment and an open mind. Josh said he would teach me how to achieve my goals and we began by thoroughly analyzing my eating, hydration and workout habits. Josh also made immediate recommendations for improvements to help me transition out of bad habits.

Josh worked with me one-on-one, meeting three times a week to identify which exercises worked best for my body type and lifestyle. For three weeks we met at the Unification Point studios where Josh was able to give me pointers on my daily nutrition habits as well as my physical form while exercising.

Once I had learned the exercises, Josh took the time to visit me at my gym in my apartment complex and showed me the best way to use the equipment specifically for my body style and workout goals.

I could brag about all the weight I've lost or all the muscle mass I've gained, but the real value is that Josh has given me the tools and knowledge I need to help myself.

I look and feel incredible and I have Josh to thank for giving me the tools to help me achieve my fitness goals. Josh has an incredible knowledge of personal fitness and is great at communicating his skills and motivating stubborn guys like me. For anyone who has difficulties working out or achieving their workout goals on their own, I highly recommend setting up an appointment at Unification Point.

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