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I am a former elementary school teacher, who has transferred to the field of fitness. For the past 3 years I have been teaching aerobics classes. The love I developed for fitness with these classes led me to pursue my personal trainer certification. I enjoy working with people to help them obtain... more less
Master's Degree
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1-2 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
American Red Cross
American Red Cross
American Red Cross

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Fellowship Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
Within 25 miles of 24141 (Mobile Training Radius)
(916) 838-5366 (540) 639-2360

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$40.00 / hr
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Cash, Personal Checks
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Amanda H
On Dec 22, 2013
I'm in my late 30s and after 20 years at various desk jobs, and then having 2 young kids, my life was very sedentary yet hectic at the same time. I was completely and totally out of shape, extremely overweight, and desperate to lose weight and feel better. However, I find gyms, and group exercise classes in general, intimidating. I mean what if I were to see a coworker there who would witness me huffing and puffing and embarrassing myself?! That has always been my "fear" of public exercising. I have a diverse home gym with several pieces of exercise equipment (that needed dusting off) so I figured I could hire a personal trainer, just long enough to teach me things and get me active again at which point I could continue on my fitness journey solo. There was only one problem with that idea. I couldn't find a PT willing to come to my house. Finding a mobile PT is nowhere near as easy as finding a babysitter. I put an ad on Craigslist, emailed personal trainers at local gyms, as well as contacted the VT rec sports dept hoping to find somebody willing to moonlight on the side for extra money. But either they wouldn't return my emails or they said they were too busy with clients at their gym. And then I found and Jodi. I had never worked with a PT before in any capacity, so I was not sure what to expect. I just figured a PT would give me exercise advice/ideas and help me to stay motivated. But Jodi does SO much more than that. First of all she is ACE certified, and after my first session with her I knew that she totally knew her stuff. Everything from what muscles are targeted with each exercise, to the proper form, to the right amount of weight and number of reps for my fitness level. And if I'm having a problem with my wrist or back or whatever on a particular day, she knows how to modify exercises on the fly to work around that. She is a firm believer in mixing things up and pushing one's self - without being pushy. She challenges me every week and I love it (well, everything except for side planks!). She is never in a hurry (sometimes I have to remind her that my session is almost up), and I know she spends a fair amount of time before each session coming up with that day's exercise plan, and she emails me helpful links on diet and portion size. I feel like she as invested in my health and weight loss as I am. When compared to gym fees and personal trainer fees on top of that she has very affordable rates IMO. I started out buying a package of 10 sessions (2x a week as our schedules permit), and I was so pleased with her that I bought a second package of 10 sessions. If money were not an issue I would have her as my PT forever! I have started losing weight for the first time in 8 years and I feel SO much stronger. She is extremely professional, devotes 100% of her attention to me (and not her cell phone for instance), and she is very personable and easy to talk to. If anybody is considering hiring a PT but is on the fence about it, you should give Jodi a try. You won't be sorry!
Jodi's Response on Dec 22, 2013:
Thanks, Mandy! You are such a pleasure to work with!

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