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Safe & Experienced! Need someone to get you started, keep you motivated or help you master the best exercises for YOUR body? Have you been doing the fitness routine for years, hit a plateau and can't seem to lose those extra pounds or get to the next level. I've got the solutions AND I've got 20 ... more less
BA Mass Communication, Emerson College
Years Experience
16-20 years
ACE - ACE Health Coach
ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
BOSU - BOSU Complete (8hr Instructor Training)
Spinning - Certified Spinning Instructor (STAR 1)
STOTT PILATES® - Group SPX Reformer
Reebok - Step Reebok; Slide Reebok
Pending Verification
Medic First Aid (CPR, First Aid and AED for adul
Medic First Aid (CPR, First Aid & AED for adults)
American Safety & Health Institute
Medic First Aid (CPR, First Aid and AED for adul
Medic First Aid (CPR, First Aid & AED for adults)
Fitness and Wellness Insurance Agency (IDEA)

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33 reviews
Careen Young
On Nov 28, 2010
Jill is a really Great & Committed Instructor. It's obvous that she puts in time to prepare for her spin classes & then in class she motivates, guides & educates the participants. My schedule didn't use to overlap w her classes, but once I tried her classes, I now look for them and try to change my schedule to take her classes.
Annie-Claude Sanchis
On Nov 21, 2010
Jill is the only instructor that can get me motivated to spin at 6am, which she has been doing for the last 10 years. Her classes are the best cardiovascular work-out, short of an actual strenous bike ride. Additionally, she is always on the cutting-edge of new research about exercise physiology and fitness.
Mostafa Ebrahimi
On Nov 19, 2010
in every Sunday's spinning class I am already looking forward to the next for a reason: Jill. The workout, the style, the technique, the health tips, her music, how she cares, how she motivates, and most of all, how very well she trains, are just a few things you would notice no later than the first session.
Jill's Response on Nov 19, 2010:
Miss you!!
Jill's Response on Nov 19, 2010:
thanks so much.... can't wait for you to be back regularly!
Anita J
On Nov 18, 2010
I have been training privately with Jill for over 3 years.
The thing I really do admire about Jill, is that she is truly passionate and extremely knowledgable within her field, above and beyond the norm.
She will always seek out solutions or provide helpful information, as well as go the extra distance for you, in resolving your fitness and related health concerns.
She recognizes your goals and challenges, and based thereupon, formulates a specifically 'customized + tailored' training program that fits both your fitness objectives and lifestyle.
She provides continuous vareity within each training session, so that you constantly remain motivated and challenged.
Jill takes special care to create workouts that specifically address sports and related injuries, by improving on mobility, flexiblity and strength.
Jill really cares about her clients and their progress, she will have answers to almost any question surrounding fitness, nutrition and general health.
She is constantly seeking out ways to improve her client's overall progress and keep them active.
It is obvious that Jill is very driven and truly passionate about fitness and health; as for her, it is a more than a profession, it is a lifestyle. Her knowledge and dedication are very inspiriing, and she is definitely a rare gem.
Augusta Helmick
On Nov 17, 2010
Jill’s pilates boot-camp is the BEST exercise program I have ever experienced – hands down! Working out with Jill will make you realize you had muscles that you did not even know existed. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and has the ability to motivate and inspire. Working out with Jill is one of the highlights of my week
Jill's Response on Nov 19, 2010:
thanks so much for writing this!
Mark Perzely
On Nov 16, 2010
Jill has an uncanny nack for motivating and challenging clients of every level. I have never met a better fitness professional in my life!
Susanna Sovek
On Nov 16, 2010
Los Angeles has countless calorie burning classes that one can attend, but none of them are quite like Jill's. She's a reason to get up at 5am. She's not just motivational and cool, she actually understands the body and how it works. Some people can be motivational but very few can be motivational and knowledgeable.

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