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Working with overweight clients who have been eating low calorie diets for an extended period of time... thoughts?

11 Answers | Asked by Aimee Barnes on Jan 22, 2014

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 24, 2014

Hey Aimee.... It's easy as trainer's to assume that everyone is lying to us, but it isn't always the case. Granted, people don't normally just gain weight without trying (usually unintentionally) but there are a is really simple idea that you can try and work with. Given that your clients are ...

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Why the belly bulge?

10 Answers | Asked by Beverly Hosford, MA on Jan 09, 2014

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 14, 2014

Hey Beverly.. To continue the reach for an answer on the "belly bulge," I am going to add an anterior tilt to the list. It is common for us to associate an anterior tilt with lumber flexion. We cant forget that the forward and downward tilt of the pelvis can push the abdominals forward creatin...

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Hey guys!! I have a question concerning a squat assessment :)

12 Answers | Asked by Rachel Koester on Nov 05, 2011

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 14, 2014

Hey Rachel... Obviously based on the number of responses, tt could be whole lot of things. Not to beat a dead horse, but a quick glimpse of the chain of potentials looks like this; ankles roll inward, create knees that knock, top of leg shifts back, pelvis tilts backward, lower back arches, pe...

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5 Answers | Asked by julio rosario on Jan 14, 2014

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 14, 2014

Hands down The Biomechanics is the way to go. I have been NASM since '99 and it is great but I really believe in Justin Price. His methods are very simple and easy to understand. The difference in the two programs is that The Biomechanics is centered around clients in chronic pain and doesn't outlin...

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What can personal trainers do to generate client referrals from the medical community?

16 Answers | Asked by Sandy Todd Webster on Apr 27, 2011

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 10, 2014

Hey Sandy... Two words systematic and organized. You cant step outside your boundaries but YOU are the professional on your clients movement. To work with the medical community you really need a language that they can relate to. When it comes to the medical sciences, there is an obvious cause ...

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Do you allow people to workout on your fitness equipment and with your free weights with the "barefoot/five finger" shoes?

18 Answers | Asked by Kelly Serfas Bower on Jul 25, 2011

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 10, 2014

True...there are probably much things people are doing to there body WITH shoes on, then going barefoot or vibram

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What do you do to help clients with sciatica?

8 Answers | Asked by Linda King on Nov 05, 2013

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 10, 2014

Hey Linda... Sciatica is a tough one. A lot of times when clients have discomforts or pains they can be managed with exercise or simply avoided, while a referral (manual therapist, etc) does their work. With sciatica that really isn't possible. The pain associated with sciatica or a bulging disc ...

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I have had Upper-Trapezius Pain for over a year now, and the pain, no matter how much I stretch, worsens.What should I do?

9 Answers | Asked by Theresa Duran on Oct 10, 2011

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 08, 2014

Hey Theresa...... I am not sure what you have tried to resolve your pain but a typical treatment involves a systematic approach to find the potential sources. Chronic pain is usually related to microtauma caused by repetitive movements or postural strain. So, take a look at the things you do and ...

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what exercises are recommended for a client facing knee replacement surgery?

8 Answers | Asked by Debbie Zeigler on Jan 05, 2014

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 06, 2014

Hey Debbie... My answer is....I dont know. Give me a second and I will explain how you may be able to tell me what you need to do. Rather than give you exercises to do, I will try to give you a more of a systematic way to look at the leg and its functions. In general, I would say myofascial rel...

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what are the signs and symptoms of overtraining?

4 Answers | Asked by Sharon Chatenay on Jan 05, 2014

Answered by Jeremy McCann on Jan 05, 2014

Hey Sharon... I know that you can get all kinds of lists illustrating the endless signs and symptoms for overtraing, so I wont just cut and paste. I will speak from a practical standpoint. As a trainer, I think it is very important to remember the "personal" part of our title. For me, I sta...

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