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Hello! My name is Jen, I am an ACE certified personal trainer/weight loss specialist in the South Shore area. I meet with my clients in either their home, or a nearby park or gym(no membership required for you). Everyone has a different goal, and all of my clients are trained specifically towards t... more less

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$50.00 / hr
$35 / 1/2 hr Bundle sessions available also! Bootcamp prices depend on the program that fits you best, email and we'll chat:)
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Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
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70 pounds lost:)
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Chris March
On Jan 19, 2014
Jenny is an excellent trainer. She takes the time to put together a personal workout plan for you tailored to your needs and requests. Jenny takes her time to explain things and answer questions, but also can do all of that in a timely manner if you have a busy schedule. She makes you feel comfortable as well if you feel intimidated while visiting the gym. Definitely a recommendation!
Michelle Panetsos
On Feb 14, 2013
I didn't think it was possible; but, not only has Jennie motivated me
to stick to my 3-day exercise routine, but she has made me believe that
I can, even at 58 years of age, have a body that I'm proud of. I've
joined and quit more gyms than I can count. But Jennie's enthusiasm and gentle/firm encouragement has actually made exercising fun (I can't
believe I said that...I've always HATED exercise). I've been exercising
for well over 4 months, and believe that this time, with Jennie's help,
I'm going to stick to it. Jennie is teaching me about the importance
of having a strong core, as well as lean and strong body, legs, and
arms. If I had met Jennie years ago and been lucky enough to work
with her as my trainer, I never would have "fallen off the wagon" and
stopped exercising 35+ years ago. THANK YOU JENNIE!!!!!!

Michelle Panetsos, Hingham, MA
jenny's Response on Feb 25, 2013:
Michelle, you're an amazing woman. I'm proud to be your trainer and friend:)

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