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Natural weight loss

14 Answers | Asked by M K on Apr 13, 2013

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Apr 15, 2013

Hi M K, The above members have summed up the basics surrounding natural weight loss but we have one thing to add... New research from Harvard Medical School indicates that cool temperatures (58°F) activates brown adipose tissue which results in added calorie expenditure. Researchers are cla...

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Have you tried Real Ryder bike for indoor cycling? Opinions?

2 Answers | Asked by Lisa Workman on Apr 06, 2013

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Apr 12, 2013

We work with a number of Spin Studios throughout the country as well as professional cyclists that use our Cooling Vest for pre and post class cooling and even during class cooling. A number of them have switched to the Real Ryder indoor cycling bike. I think it is too early to tell but they are get...

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Have you seen FitFeed yet?

14 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Mar 08, 2013

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Mar 09, 2013

This is a great idea! You have complied many useful stories, reviews and blogs all in one place!

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How are you celebrating National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day?

9 Answers | Asked by KewlFit Belin on Feb 22, 2013

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Feb 23, 2013

Yes to many of us this day was spent just like any other day, celebrating the athletic activities we love and enjoy. We spent this day involving people that may not enjoy these activities on a daily basis. We found this to be very rewarding! To those who didn't know about the day, mark your ...

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Will any IDEA FIT members be at the Fitness EXPO in LA this weekend?

6 Answers | Asked by KewlFit Belin on Jan 17, 2013

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Jan 22, 2013

Thanks for the response guys! We had a great show getting our product in front of many like minded fitness individuals and only wish we were also able to share our success with members from IdeaFit! We hope for future shows we will be able to see a few of you through our booth! Thanks again a...

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What types of clothing do you recommend for working out?

11 Answers | Asked by Patricia Longwright on Dec 17, 2012

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Dec 17, 2012

Hi Patricia, We normally wear light weight running shorts and a breathable high performance type t-shirt (under armor, nike etc make some great ones). We then of course wear the KewlFit Cooling Vest over that as research shows it improves athletic performance and endurance.

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What are your favorite ear buds to use while working out and why?

7 Answers | Asked by Julie Kaminski on Nov 20, 2012

Answered by KewlFit Belin on Nov 20, 2012

We normally use the Apple Headphones only because it seems we have many of them around the office. Others we have used: -Bose® SIE2 Sport Headphone. These produce lovely sound and stay relatively snug in your ear during your workout. The downside is that they don't have a mic (if playing mu...

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