Jean-Sebastien Fabre

Winter Park, FL 32789

About Me

Thanks a lot for your interest! I am the founder of Darwin Fitness, llc. I was born 40 years ago in Paris and live now in Longwood, Fl with my 11 years old daughter, Camille. Holder of a Bachelor Degree in Business and Communication, I am a US nationally certified personal trainer through IFPA (In... more less
Bachelor's Degree Business & Communication, IFCEM (France)
Years Experience
3-4 years
IFPA - Personal Fitness Trainer Certification
IFPA - Weight Management Instructor
Amerian Heart Association
American Heart Association
Star Insurance Company, general aggregate limit: $3 000 000.

Jean-Sebastien's Locations

Winter Park Health and Fitness - Trainer/Instructor
1560 N Orange Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789
Darwin Fitness, Jean-Sebastien Fabre - Trainer/Instructor
Within 25 miles of 32779 (Mobile Training Radius)
United States | 4072744747
1771 Road 434, Longwood, FL 32750

Additional Information

$55.00 / hr
From $49 to $65 for a one hour session. Hourly rate depends on the type/size of package purchased.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks, Cashier's Check
Awards & Accomplishments
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Languages Spoken
Spanish, French
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Client Reviews/Comments

4 reviews
Raphael Lopez
On May 23, 2014
I have been working out consistently for years, usually 5 times a week. I was able to maintain a good physique and a very decent overall level of fitness, but I reached a plateau. I was looking for the help of a professional trainer to push my results a step further. A friend referred me to Darwin Fitness. When I started to train with Jean-Sebastien, I was 188 pounds and my body fat was 14%. After only four months of training with Jean-Sebastien, I was the same weight, but my body fat dropped to 10%. Essentially, I switched 8 pounds of fat for 8 pounds of muscle and I am very happy with the way I look today. Jean-Sebastien's meal plans, and more importantly the global education he provided me about nutrition, helped a lot. Initially, I thought I knew enough about exercise to train on my own, but the way Jean-Sebastien teaches and supervises proper form as well as the ideal tempo and his management of my recovery times as part of the Darwin Fitness physical training program all made a huge difference for me.
Lisa Sauer
On Nov 03, 2013
My son has been working with Jean-Sebastian since June. My son was very self conscious about his weight and starting High School. I was looking for a trainer that would be a good fit for him and Jean-Sebastian was it! He never talks down to my son and always has a friendly and encouraging way about him that ALWAYS puts my son at ease. My son started HS with a renewed self confidence that makes this mother very happy!! :)
Kerry Merrigan
On Jun 11, 2013
''I've been working with Jean-Sebastien for over a year and have seen amazing results in that time. I have lost 20 pounds of body fat and have never felt stronger or healthier. I've also never had so much consistency with my energy levels, diet and mind-set.
JS is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. He makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! He motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get the results I want. My strength and endurance have both improved immensely.
When I met my JS my goal was to run a 5K, 4 months later we ran 15K together without stopping. We have since ran many 5ks together, improving my time with every single race. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, JS will lead you every step of the way.''
L Hulsey
On Apr 08, 2013
I am a newbie to strength training. I have been working with Jean-Sebastien just over three months, and though a short time, I already feel an amazing difference in my strength and in my outlook. My lofty goal before meeting Jean-Sebastien was to begin weight bearing exercises for healthy bones in a safe way that I would enjoy and continue for a lifetime. I wasn’t sure this was possible. It is with the right trainer!
I am thankful I found Jean-Sebastien. He is his philosophy. I appreciate that he takes the time to discuss and research my specific needs and develop a plan just for me. I feel secure with him because of his gradual approach and emphasis on correct form. He teaches me the “whys” behind my workouts and diet, so I can think through my exercising and eating for myself. Because of his balanced approach, I do not become overwhelmed. I work out hard three times a week, but I rest my muscles on my days off. He has renewed my love for running, and this joy will by my impetus to continue building my strength and endurance. I have been in over thirty sessions, and no two have been the same!
Jean-Sebastien sets the bar very high for trainers; he is exceedingly professional, supportive, and intelligent with a passion for fitness that utterly inspires.

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