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What are the different types of "life coaching"?

7 Answers | Asked by Angela Cordoni on Jun 13, 2011

Answered by Jason Bosley-Smith on Jun 13, 2011

Hi Angela! "Life Coaching" can encompass a number of methodologies and focal points. Some life coaching focuses strictly on health and the integration of healthy lifestyle habits with diet and exercise. Other forms focus on business/career and its impact on a person's life with the goal of fin...

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What time of the day is best for different types of workouts (cardio, strength, flexibility)?

23 Answers | Asked by Magali Sparks on Jun 09, 2011

Answered by Jason Bosley-Smith on Jun 13, 2011

Magali, I agree with Jacquelyn - one key is to find a time that is conducive to your personal schedule; however, as she also states, intense exercise in the evening can boost cortisol and epinephrine making it difficult to fall asleep. The other challenge with this is that if you are exercisin...

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