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Janet Weller, RN,BSN, CES, is an IDEA Master Personal Fitness Trainer, an ACE- and AFAA-certified group fitness instructor and a freelance writer. She is the owner of Weller Bodies Personal Training in Closter, New Jersey. E-mail her at JanetLWeller@gmail.com.
Nursing, University of Virginia
Years Experience
16-20 years
ACE - Group Fitness Instructor
ACE - Personal Trainer
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
TRX - TRX Group Suspension Training Course
Zumba® - Zumba® Basic 1
Zumba® - Zumba® Gold
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
AFAA - Personal Trainer Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
American Heart Association
Philadelphia Insurance Co.

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Weller Bodies Personal Training - Owner/Manager
Within 10 miles of 07624 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information

$20.00 / hr
Small group training: $20. Private sessions $100- 110.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
IDEA Master Personal Trainer
Free Lance Writer: Published in: Shape, Fitness, Cooking Light and IDEA.
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Client Reviews/Comments

19 reviews
Arlene Blake
On Jan 23, 2015
I write this from my home in South Carolina where I have lived for the past 2 years. I have tried 4 trainers since moving here and have found no one close to Janet. (She trained me for 12 years when I lived in NJ). Her workouts were fun, but challenging. I might get sore sometimes, but never injured. She always was tuned to how I was feeling, I never felt like she gave me the same workout as her other clients; it really was just for me. The trainers I have tried in SC have been very nice, but I felt like they gave me the same workout as their 20 year old clients. I hurt my shoulder with the first one and it has never recovered. I wish Janet would move down here! She is always professional, and kept me motivated on my worst days. I miss her, and think anyone is lucky to get her as a trainer.
Bonni Ehrhardt
On May 04, 2014
I totally enjoy Janet's exercise and training classes. Jane is a very knowledgeable trainer who is committed to working with anyone to help them develop a healthy life style and exercise regimen that is conducive to the shape they are in and goals they hope to achieve! Her workouts are fun, challenging and built strength and confidence. Better yet I can walk the next day! Janet's classes are truly a "total work-out" as they condition my mind to think about using the correct form of each exercise and challenge my body to push itself to build strength and stay in shape! In addition the music is great! I hope that you will come to Janet's classes and see for yourself what a wonderful person and truly talented trainer Janet is!
Cassandra Drachenberg
On Sep 22, 2013
Janet has been my trainer for six months and my progress has been amazing. She started me slowly because I've been pretty much inactive most of my adult life. Starting with 5 pound weights and simple strength building exercises, I was barely able to last an hour without sitting down several times. Now, after six months, the only time I sit in our workout sessions is when it's part of the exercise. I've lost a total of 23 pounds and feel better about myself and my health. She has motivated me to strive to be what I can be, to be healthy, to make good choices, and has become a good friend. My partner and I truly enjoy our sessions with Janet. She's great!
Robin Payne
On Sep 15, 2013
I have know Janet for at least 8 years and she has been my trainer for the last 4. Her ability to recognize my strengths and many weaknesses as a client are extremely valuable to my health issues. Because of her health background, I am comfortable and confident in her assessment and plan of action each workout. Her calm demeanor and ability to get me to achieve my mission during my sessions is remarkable! I am not easy. As a former athlete and health professional I would Highly recommend Janet to anyone. Robin Payne
Bobby Houck
On Nov 19, 2012
Very cool page Janet!
Janet's Response on Nov 19, 2012:
Thanks Bobby.
Catherine Bucknell
On Jun 20, 2012
Results results results. Until I trained with Janet I never saw a difference in either my body or how I felt. After two weeks of training I had more energy, after 4 weeks everything was tighter. Once I finally got serious about my eating (took me about 2 years of training) I lost weight as well. Now I look as good as I feel. She keeps me motivated and interested. Love her blog too.
Mary Donahue
On Mar 30, 2012
I was recommended to Janet by a friend who has trained with her for over 20 years who is in amazing shape. Because Janet had no available regular training slot she agreed to meet with me 3 times to write me a program and get me started. We started with a long session where she did an assesment of different ways my body moved, (found out my one foot turns out and the other doesn't), then talked a lot about realistic goal setting and how much time and effort I would really give to exercise. She then wrote me a fitness program (with pictures and instructions) and came over to show me how to do the exercises correctly. We met another time after that to make sure I was comfortable with the exercises. In between she has given me frequent e-mail updates to make sure I stay on target. Though I am sorry she can't train me regularly, I am sure I am finally on my way to getting fit and feeling better.
Lisa Cohen
On Feb 05, 2012
Janet makes exercise fun. I had always hated working out, found it painful and boring until my friend recommended Janet. I feel better than ever, and for the first time look forward to exercising. She is always on time, focused on me, and seems to have a new way of exercising every time we meet. I have become someone who loves exercise (I now enjoy walking on my own on days we don't meet), I have lowered my blood pressure and my cholesterol. I feel very lucky that she is my trainer.
Ellen Foreman
On Jan 20, 2012
Janet is the best trainer I have every had. I have trained with her for over 12 years, I have never been hurt and have had great results. I look better now than I did 12 years ago. There are plenty of days that I don't feel like working out, but at the end of every session I always feel better and am glad I did. She is very professional, but each session is different and enjoyable. I can't recommend her highly enough.
Stacy Rosenberg
On Jan 13, 2012
I have been training with Janet for over 8 years. With her help I have reshaped my body and gotten more energy. She keeps coming up with new exercises (she is always reading about fitness and going to conferences) so I am not bored. She is very professional, always on time, and a wonderful person to know. I enjoy every session, even when I sweat!
Susan Wilson
On Jan 11, 2012
I met Janet while taking her fitness classes 20 years ago. The classes were so great I started training with her. She is an amazing trainer and person. She was one of my major support people during my breast cancer diagnosis and double mastectomies. Since then (9 years cancer free!) I am in better shape than ever thanks to her.
She also has a great blog; I learn from it every time she posts.
Lori Rubin
On Jan 07, 2012
I have had the pleasure of working with Janet now for three years. I attend exercise classes with Janet approximately 3 times a week. She is very unusual for a personal trainer. Because of her health background, she has an RN and worked for many years as a nurse, she has an understanding of the body that most trainers, without her education, simply can not have. She has been able to tailor exercises specific to my needs and the needs of the other women in the class. She addresses our individual needs, our strengths and weaknesses, with sensitivity.

Janet is always prompt, always very pleasant, and always has a different routine, emphasizing different muscle groups. There has been an enormous change in my body, in my stamina, and hence my confidence, since I have been taking Janet's classes.

Janet is an inspiration. While she talks little of herself in the class, on occasion she will share aspects of her personal life. She is extremely fit, eats well, enjoys food, her family and lives a balanced lifestyle.

I recommend Janet as a trainer without reservation.
Ruthann Eckstein
On Jan 05, 2012
I have been going to Janet's exercise classes for ten years. I've tried other weights/core classes, but always return to Janet. She is well-informed about fitness, provides a full-body workout for strength, balance and flexibility and is a genuinely nice person!
No matter how sluggish I feel before class begins, I always feel less stressed and have more energy afterwards. Her classes are appropriate for any level of fitness, since she always offers various options depending on a participant's fitness level.
I highly recommend her as a trainer and fitness instructor.
Ruthann Eckstein
Carol Stein
On Jan 04, 2012
I trained with Janet for over 15 years, but moved to Florida 2 years ago. Since then I have tried several trainers but have been unable to find anyone who comes close. She changes the workout every time so you are never bored. I got great results (my butt has never been the same since I moved), never got hurt, and always looked forward to our sessions. I cannot imagine a better trainer then her.
Debbie Rothstein
On Jan 02, 2011
I have known Janet Weller for many years--since she was an exercise instructor at the JCC in Tenafly. More recently, Janet has come to my home for weight training classes and I currently attend her excellent classes. I don't think I've done the same workout twice in all of the time I've known her. She has a great knowledge of the body (both from an exercise and health perspective) and she has a wonderful rapport with her clients. I always feel that I get a great workout and one that is appropriate to my needs. The music is always appropriate, enjoyable and fun. I highly recommend her classes. She is so knowledgeable and cares about her clients.
Geni Sackson
On Jan 02, 2011
Janet has been my teacher since 1988. She is magnificent! And really nice! For one thing, Janet’s classes are differentiated for its members. In other words, she regularly designs the work for those who attend. The workouts are leveled and Janet demonstrates the various levels. She guides everyone. One thing that is unique in Janet’s classes is that in all these years, I have never been hurt. I’m sure that the reason is that Janet uses her knowledge of anatomy and best practices in physical training to ensure success.
Janet has always been current on research by reading journals and attending conferences. She is known to write and publish articles in print magazines. And we really benefit! The classes are amazing and never boring because Janet incorporates new and beneficial tools, while methodically working the entire body over the duration of each class. Janet walks the walk and is a model of fitness in her everyday life.
Because I see the value in my life, I attend classes whenever possible according to my work schedule. There is a fabulous opportunity for a long and full workout by joining two classes in a row on Saturday mornings. After this, the feeling is of having accomplished something that’s really positive for you.
I also attend a class on Tuesdays at 5:00 pm. And on school vacations there’s the Wednesday and Friday morning class, adding up to five hours a week!
There’s another bonus too. Janet attracts nice people and I’ve made some great friends there!
Bonni Ehrhardt
On Jan 01, 2011
Janet is the perfect fitness instructor - Her wealth of knowledge of how to exercise in a safe yet "enjoyable" manner is evident in each of her classes which she varies to meet the needs of her students. Janet individualizes her routines in ways that permit each student to determine the desired intensity for each exercise. It is her ability to meet the individual needs of each of her students in a class setting that truly makes Janet so special.- Janet is a professional who cares about her students and is very concerned about us doing each exercise properly so as prevent injuries. She reminds us frequently about proper form and safety whether we are doing weight training or step aerobics - I totally enjoy Janet's classes and feel inspired and invigorated by her words of encouragement and her sincere desire to see all of us leave each class feeling accomplished and invigorated! PLease come and join us and you too will become one of Janet's Groupies - she is the best -both as an instructor and a friend!
Lori Weisenfeld
On Dec 31, 2010
Janet's knowledge of sports physiology and years of experience allow her to conduct her classes in a safe and fun manner. She varies the routine to keep the classes fresh and keeps a watchful eye on participants to make sure that they are keeping proper form to prevent injuring themselves. Janet does not try to impress her students by pushing the pace or difficulty past the comfort level of her students. On the other hand, she motivates everyone and gives individual participants the opportunity to chose more challenging options if they wish. I would recomment her classes to exercisers of any level.
Mary Zecchino
On Dec 31, 2010
I have attended many of Ms Weller's aerobics classes. She gears them to be as challenging as you can handle - letting you know during the class alternate approaches for less or more difficulty levels. The music is appropriate and inspiring. I feel that I get a good work out with her class and always leave feeling great about what I have accomplished. She is very knowledgeable - explaining and correcting technique. I highly recommend her classes. Her abilities as a trainer are highly sought after and well regarded. Having Janet as a trainer would be a dream.

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