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Jacqueline Sinke

Portland, OR 97229-8924

Questions Answered by Jacqueline

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can my husband and I do just water arobics only

6 Answers | Asked by Elaine Dodsworth on Apr 23, 2014

Answered by Jacqueline Sinke on Apr 23, 2014

Water aerobics is a great exercise, however if your husband has balance problems due to his Parkinson's, he may benefit from participating in a balance and mobility exercise program that also includes resistance training to enhance his muscle strength and bone density. since you have knee problems t...

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Is it bad to lift weights when you are young?

7 Answers | Asked by Stephen East on Jun 10, 2013

Answered by Jacqueline Sinke on Jun 11, 2013

Hi Stephan, lifting weights as a teenager is great as long as you do it correctly and safeUUly, hire a trainer or educate yourself. There is a great book on strength training for teenagers or young athletes by Wayne Westcott phd and Avery Faigenbaum phd. Just google it and the books should show up o...

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I have now been a trainer for almost 2 years and am still struggling to get clients. I need to start my own LLC but how?

7 Answers | Asked by Holly Sonck on Jun 11, 2013

Answered by Jacqueline Sinke on Jun 11, 2013

go to your local county website and set up your LLC. it probably cost you $50 to $100. Get a website, business card and start to join a marketing group, talk abut what you do and why you are doing what you do. Give each training session your 100% and be excited about what you do. Find your speciali...

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