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Somersworth, NH 03878-2829

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My philosophy is all about the fun factor. At our Lean Body Boot Camps, I strive to have each client whether its one on one or a group session to experience how fun and fitness can go hand and hand. Regardless of talent, ability, size or fitness level, I want people to believe in themselves and to t... more less
AS Business, NMTC
Years Experience
9-10 years
ACE - Personal Trainer
AFAA - Group Exercise Certification
Agency Unavailable
American Heart Association
American Red Cross
American Heart Association

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EvoFit - Owner/Manager
89 Industrial Park, Dover, NH 03820

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$65.00 / hr
Personal Training Rate. Boot Camp's $10 drop-in rate
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
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10 reviews
judith ring
On Dec 12, 2014
I started with Heather in the middle of October this year and I am so happy with her. I have never liked working out and I have never managed to make it a priority before starting with Heather. I actually look forward to going and I do not let anything stop me from my regular scheduled classes. She is such an amazing motivator and her energy if infectious. I feel better than I have in a long time and I do not ever plan on stopping. My daughter recently began coming with me to the classes and she is also loving it because of Heather and the other members that are so supportive. It feels like a family of people that share the same goals. I am so thankful to have found it. Judy Ring
Heather Palmer
On Apr 07, 2014
Heather is truly an inspiration to all that the people that she works with. She is someone that will do anything for you. She gives all of herself to help people learn how to better their life with diet and exercise. She does it purely for the satisfaction of seeing you transform into the best version of you. She provides you with the tools to be successful. Before I participated in the 2013 New Year New You Transformation Challenge I hardly ever ate breakfast or drank that much water. I would drink coffee all morning and I was lucky to eat lunch before 1. Portion control was not a word that I EVER used; I ate what I wanted until I was so full that I felt sick. I was the girl that would sit at the snack table at a party and binge eat until I wanted to die. I would never pass on sweets Cake and Cupcakes were my best friends. But everything changed when I started this challenge. I started using my Fitness Pal religiously even though we were not tracking our calories I just wanted to watch everything I was putting my mouth. By doing this I could keep track of myself. I bought a food scale so I could control my portions. But the most important thing that I have learned from this challenge is to NEVER beat yourself up for falling off the wagon. We are not perfect and we should never try to be. If you have an off day its ok recognize it and move on!! You need to always remember that this is a journey not a destination. At 43 years old I finally feel like I am the best version of myself. I will always be part of the Evofit family. I truly believe that God places people in your life, I am blessed. Not only do I get to work out with my best friend I also get to work out with the MOST AMAZING, INSPIRATIONAL and SUPPORTIVE group of people that I have ever met. They are not only my friends but also my family
Jaime McNeal
On Jan 11, 2014
Heather is AMAZING!! I can't even begin to thank her for her constant help and support! I started working with Heather in September of 2013 because I had talked with someone who was working with her who had great success! I have tried just about everything and even been working with my doctor with no success at weight loss so I thought it was definitely worth a try.

Heather is so supportive and I definitely wouldn't be making it without her! When I want to give up she is there! And I know I won't give up because I don't want to disappoint her! She gives you PERSONALIZED meal plans and exercise regimens each week depending on how your body responds to what you have done the week prior! This is MAJOR because not everyone's body works the same way and that is probably what I love most about Heather. She sees you as an individual and that is important to me!

I still have far to go but have been with her 16 weeks and lost about 20 pounds not to mention inches and body fat as well. I am proud of myself and that is something that hasn't happened in a long time! Because of Heather and her help I am starting to gain some confidence back, little by little!

If you are thinking about trying it you have nothing to lose but everything to gain!
Julie Day
On Aug 05, 2013
I attended Heather's boot camp just for fun and was so inspired by her that I signed up for the 10 week fitness program. Since we live in different states, I have been working with her "remotely." My goal is to lose 10 lbs and tone my body. In just 7 weeks I have lost over 5 lbs and my muscles are toning nicely! Heather tailored a fitness program for exactly for my personal needs/goals. She is just an email, text or phone call away and is prompt with responding. Each week I check in with my numbers and she provides my results and modifies my program for the next week. She's a gem!! ~ Julie
Kristen S
On Mar 25, 2013
Can you still call it "baby weight" when the "baby" is in first grade? I'd been struggling for 6 years to get my body back when I finally enrolled in Heather's New Year New You Transformation Challenge. Heather didn't just challenge me physically, she let me know right from the beginning that this was going to be about challenging my beliefs about myself. The resulting loss isn't just about pounds (although I lost those!) or body fat (although that's gone down too!) but losing the fat between my ears that was keeping me stuck. I finished the 10 week challenge and am now going to be working 1 on 1 with Heather to accomplish even more. Read more about my results from working with Heather: http://goodngoodforya.com/2013/03/24/10-week-transformation-challenge/
Karen Cash
On Mar 20, 2013
Heather is very inspirational. She motivates and encourages everyone, both in class and one on one. I have just joined her classes and have been participating in a new way of eating that has worked great. She teaches us how to eat properly to lose body fat. She is always there to support and encourage. She has helped me tremendously to find a way of eating that burns fat. She is always there for any questions and support. She makes diet and exercising fun. I have never been a fan of exercise but she always keeps it interesting and fun and motivates me to continue.

She showed me to a new way of eating and I have been able to burn body fat!

She is always there to encourage and motivate and never makes you feel uncomfortable.

She is very an inspiration and I am so glad that I have meet her! She has made a big difference in my health.

Karen Cash
MJ Traggis
On Aug 30, 2012
Heather is a great instructor: she motivates us and keeps us interested in our health and training by changing up the workouts: not only from one class to the next, but also by session: we have done Boot Camp, HIIT, Circuit Training, and a Transformation (included nutrition). Coming up: kickboxing and Tabata! I have learned so much about what's best for my body, and have been enjoying watching the fat melt away.

I am 44, and it has been more difficult to lose weight than it was in my 30s. But now I have the tools to need and know exactly what I need to do to keep losing fat. It was hard at first: you really need to do exactly what she tells you to do to be successful. Once I figured that out, it was easier. I always hear her in my head "What's the protein for this meal?" :)

She is understanding and caring, but also gives a good talking-to when we need it.

Also, Heather has been in my shoes, so she is her own success story, and an inspiration! I love her classes and being around her and the others in the group. Everyone tries to help each other, and offers encouragement. It's not like any other group I've been a part of.

Thanks Heather!
On Aug 27, 2012
By joining one of Heather's programs you are able to incorporate workouts and better eating habits into your life to develop a more healthy lifestyle. You have support, not only from Heather, but by other group members. Many members can offer tips on how they overcame obstacles to their success by working with Heather. She gives you the tools you need to help you reach your goals and can offer individual modifications to those who need them. I feel that working out with her and changing my eating habits (with Heather's help) has improved my life. I am very thankful!
Cristiane Taylor
On Aug 25, 2012
I have worked out with many trainers before and no one ever gave me the attention and help I need to achieve my goals. Heather listen to what you need and design a program for your particular need. She listens to our needs instead of other trainers that use the same work out with every client. And most importantly she keep us motivated to do to the work out and keep going to achieve our goals. She is very caring and professional. She has a lot of energy and keep the work out very fun. You do an hour with her and want to keep going because of how positive and motivational she is.
I highly recommend Heather as a personal trainer and you will not want to work out with any one else.
Best trainer so far!!
Laura Tuininga
On Apr 25, 2012
I was stuck in a rut for years and heard about Heather's classes. I decided to take the plunge and did the New Year New You program for 2012. Her motivation keeps you going and her classes are actually fun! Who knew exercising could be enjoyable. Thanks for being awesome Heather :) ~Laura T

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