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Harold E. Rose, Jr.

Austin, TX 78728

Questions Answered by Harold E.

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If a client has trouble sitting upright with legs straight which muscles are likely tightest? Hip flexors? Hamstring?

10 Answers | Asked by Jo Chern on Sep 28, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Oct 01, 2012

Hello Jo, Hamstrings, glutes and low back could all be contributing culprits in this situation. However, there are other muscles invovled at the hip joint that could be limiting factors as well. If the adductors are tight or glute medius is weak, along with the limitations of the more major cul...

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Let's have some fun. 8)) What is the only skeletal muscle essential for life?

3 Answers | Asked by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali on Apr 03, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Jul 04, 2012

It is the diaphragm!!! At first, the heart did cross my mind!!

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'Weigh In': Jumping Rope vs. Rowing

12 Answers | Asked by Bill Taylor on Apr 04, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Apr 07, 2012

Hmm . . .interesting question. I must admit, I cannot comment on rowing although I do understand the biomechanics and the fitness benefits of that modality. I am more intimate with jump roping. Specifically, I prefer the weighted jump rope as it demands much more core stabilization. I have j...

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Teaching strategies to stress the importance of intrinsic core stability (ie: Multifidi and Transverse Abdominus)

7 Answers | Asked by Katherine Coltrin on Mar 27, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Mar 27, 2012

Variations of reverse plank might also be worth considering. The shoulder blades need to stabilize so that the stabilizers in the deep back musculature can be properly engaged.

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Define the difference between Core and Abdominal training?

11 Answers | Asked by Kurt Gillon on Feb 01, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Mar 08, 2012

The abdominals are mainly anterior muscles. Sits up and crunches are just examples of some exercises that address that area. Core training involves movments that engage the musculature from the hips to the shoulders and require the complete cooperation of neuromuscular system. This will allow th...

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How many Hours of Continued Education did you take in 2010?

7 Answers | Asked by Louie Arias on Jul 08, 2011

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Mar 05, 2012

There is always the basic amout of required CEC's that must be met for A.C.E. In 2010, I logged 15 hours of official study. Then there is the reading, reviewing and studying that I completed on an unofficial level. I do not keep official track of my unofficial study. I realize that as I disco...

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17 Answers | Asked by Michael Saiz on Mar 02, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Mar 04, 2012

We teach our bodies to brace the spine by properly engaging the pelvic floor muscles and the transversus abdominus. These muscles hold our internaal organs in place and assist the body in creating the intraabdominal pressussure which braces the spine. Weight belts circumvent those mechanisms and o...

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Are inversions safe to practice during Pregnancy?

8 Answers | Asked by Sarah Artha Negara on Feb 18, 2012

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Feb 20, 2012

I have worked with pregnant students in my yoga classes. One student had a very consistent and disciplined practice. She was able to do inversions into her third tri-mester. Typically, this is not the case. I would veer toward safety and would not teach free standing inversions to pregnant s...

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Where can i get certified as Tai-Chi instructor?

14 Answers | Asked by nikki walker on Nov 17, 2011

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Nov 18, 2011

Hello Nikki, If you have no defininte Tai Chi experience, I suggest that you do some research on David Dorian-Ross. I do not believe, as far as I know, that there is really any bona fide Tai Chi Certification in the U.S. Harold E. Rose, Jr. Ab-Sutra Health and Fitness Coaches Be Heal...

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Do you agree that body weight training is an essential foundation on which to build overall fitness?

16 Answers | Asked by Michelle Gillis on Nov 10, 2011

Answered by Harold E. Rose, Jr. on Nov 13, 2011

Body weight training is definitely an essential component to building overall fitness. Teaching the client how to move their body mass under their own power can build strength in the joints, connective tissues and the sinews. These same goals can be accomplished with weight training but there mayb...

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