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www.lknfitlife.com As owner of LKN Fit Life, LLC, I am the personal trainer for women who takes “Fitness to Your Door.” As an ACE-certified personal trainer and an ACE-Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist, I remain passionate about helping women to achieve and live out their personal v... more less
BA , Bryan College
Years Experience
7-8 years
ACE - Advanced Health + Fitness Specialist
ACE - Personal Trainer
American Safety and Health Institute
American Safety and Health Institute
American Safety and Health Institute
Hoffman Insurance

Gwynn's Locations

LKN Fit Life, LLC - Owner/Manager
Within 5 miles of 28031 (Mobile Training Radius)
LKNFitLife.com | 704-236-1319
Lake Norman YMCA - Trainer/Instructor
21300 Davidson Street, Cornelius, NC 28031

Additional Information

$60.00 / hr
Within a 5-mile radius of I-77, exit 28. Email or call for out-of-area rates.
Payment Methods
Cash, Personal Checks
Awards & Accomplishments
2013 CEC'S include:
What Every Trainer Should Know About Fascia--Michol Dalcourt
Better Brains, Better Bodies: Building Mental Muscle (Pt. 1)--Jonathan Ross and Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Introductory Kettlebells for General Fitness--Steve Cotter
Tired of Working Out? Time for a PLAYout--Derrick Price, MS, CPT, PES, CES
Strong and Stretched--Rob Glick
Mobility and Stability for Active Aging--Lawrence Biscontini, MA
Training Untrained Athletes--Justin Price, MA
Intro to Warding Patterns for the Obese--Derrick Price, MS, CPT, PES, CES
2012 CEC's include:
Major Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Diseases and Disorders
Metabolic Diseases and Disorders
Musculoskeletal Disorders: Functional Programming for Stability-Mobility and Movement
Musculoskeletal Disorders: Post-Orthopedic Rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal Disorders: Chronic Conditions
Considerations for Specialized Population Groups
Languages Spoken
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Client Reviews/Comments

7 reviews
Jodi Wynblatt
On May 02, 2014
I trained with Gwynn for a year and a half and she’s awesome! She helped me get back on track fitness-wise after a move. She was very tuned in to helping me achieve my goals by designing a research-based aerobic and strength training plan just for me. Gywnn presented it in such a friendly, clear way—it was the perfect mix of learning, challenge, encouragement, and fun. Thanks, Gwynn!
Amanda Alexander
On Jan 18, 2014
I met Gwynn at a Lake Norman Chamber event a few months ago. She made a great impression on me! I have been here for work for a few months, and have been ecstatic to have her as my trainer. Our first training session I felt like I had already known her for years. She is so personable, and sometimes when we are talking, I forget that I am exercising. That part is important for me because I am not one who gets easily motivated when it comes to working out, I need a slight push! And that's exactly what Gwynn is. I would recommend her to anyone as she truly digs in to find what works best for you! I am sad to be leaving soon, but I know that if I ever return back to this area for work, she will be the first person I call!!! :) Amanda Alexander
James Rozzelle
On Jul 16, 2013
My mom received a Y membership and personal training sessions as a gift. She was a little intimidated by what she imagined as the "gym scene." Gywnn totally put her at ease and got her started on a path which has resulted in a dramatic improvement in her quality of life. Mom tells me her balance and strength are improved, that she's dropped a pants size, and at the last visit to her doctor her blood pressure was the lowest it's been in years. Now, after six months, physical activity is a part of her daily routine. Gywnn's reputation for knowing how to work with and encourage beginners is very well-deserved. I feel a great debt of gratitude for what she's done for my mom.
Amanda Shelton
On Feb 21, 2013
Gwynn is a delightful person to work with one on one to attain your fitness goals. I'm one of those very active individuals that finds it hard to slice out time for myself. Working with Gwynn for a session keeps me on track to work toward my goals. She is creative and able to identify weak and strong points to help you progress at your body's pace. If you are looking for one on one or small group instruction without a lot of equiptment to store in your garage, call Gwynn. She arrives on time and is always ready to get started.
F. Dawson
On Feb 20, 2013
I have had the pleasure of working with, and learning from Gwynn for approximately 3 years. When we met, I had never worked with a trainer, nor enjoyed or participated in physical activity of any kind. At 52 I knew I needed to find a way to be more fit, live a healthier lifestyle and had just signed up to attempt the Ramblin Rose Triathlon. Since day one, Gwynn has been respectful, encouraging and made me feel capable of achieving my goals. I have now completed two Ramblin Rose events and continue to strive for strength and flexibility. She keeps enough variety in our workouts to keep them interesting and Gwynn is always pushing me just enough to improve. I think she is a wonderful, caring and conscientious trainer. F. Dawson
On Mar 22, 2012
Two years ago I was overwhelmed: a new job, new town, new home, and newly engaged. I had no friends, no contacts, and no life outside of work. I coped by eating comfort food. One day I woke up and my pants were too tight. I realized I was 50lbs overweight and had less than a year to get ready for my wedding. I called the Lake Norman Y and Gwynn set me up with a Personal Training appointment. Gwynn was wonderful and turned my entire life around. She kept me positive about my weight and body. She encouraged me to participate in other available fitness classes. She shared her own struggles with weight, which is encouraging. I like that Gwynn teaches her clients how to set up the machines and explains what/why you are doing the exercises. This is so her clients can learn to do it on their own! Gwynn keeps me coming back because she focuses on all the muscles not just the big ones. Gwynn also shared contacts and websites which would help me learn more about what I am putting into my body. It was wonderful that she doesn’t push one company but enjoys learning about what is out there. Gwynn realizes that we are all build differently and have different routines and it is a blessing that she is 100 percent focused on helping you figure out what works for your lifestyle. If you want a trainer who really listens, who really is focused on you, and who will be dedicated to helping you discover and develop the person you want to be Gwynn is it! Don’t wake up one day 50lbs overweight, wake up and ask her for help! I did and two years later, I have a better attitude about myself, a new appreciation for my body, new friends at the Y, and Gwynn who keeps me going.
Gretchen Bottrill
On Mar 13, 2012
I have been working with Gwynn for 3+ years and she is fabulous. I am a 45 year old woman with four teenagers and a full time job. I don't want to be a supermodel, I just want to be toned and healthy. My 45 minute workouts with Gwynn always start with cardio, and then she mixes it up between free weights, resistance traning, lunges, and some work on the machines. My workouts are never boring but they're always challenging. I gave Gwynn the goal in early 2011 to help me acheive Michelle Obama arms, and she delivered! Now she's helping me get ready for swimsuit season. If you want a trainer that's professional, flexible, focused and fun, then Gwynn will be a great fit for you.

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